The importance of being snail

Livvy was currently disgruntled by a new thought.

She always got extremely frustrated by Seth’s forward momentum. He moved, she felt, much like a thoughtful snail. Tasting thoughts, fingering possibilities, contemplating action. Thinking about doing, instead of merely doing. Livvy hated wasting time.  She liked to get going already!

She had always felt it was better to just get started and figure the rest out later. Only, the thing was… she often had to do a lot of stuff backwards.. that is to say, going back and fixing stuff, in order to go forward again. Sometimes the going back made the thing impossible to finish.

She had never realized it, until just this moment, but…Seth was slow and annoying- slightly, but he always seemed to end up where he wanted to go in the end, even if it took, like, FOREVER. He also tended to pull out tools, materials, and back up plans for things, she hadn’t even realized she might need until the thing was upon her.

She was disgruntled. It was vexing really. To realise that a snail might, at times, be a very, very good thing to be. Especially when your best friend, is a rabbit.

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