The Knowing

Left with Livvy: Installment 6.


Master Peter had said it might take years. For some it took centuries, but when it happened, it was unquestionable. It was like something inside you had been waiting and then suddenly wasn’t anymore.

Master Peter said they mustn’t despair, that there was plenty to do meanwhile. There was always need.

Some of them stared at the Viso-screen for hours anyway, as if sheer will would make their moment appear. Their hearts in their eyes waiting for the one they were made for.

Some barely even glanced at it more than the required 10 minutes. Scared of it on a primal level. Terrified of making a mistake. Wanting to get lost in the crowd of other duties, rather than focus on that one that would take over the entirety if their soul. 

For Seth it had been something so rare they were still talking about it. He had only glanced at the screen once. Just once and suddenly, he was hers. He was hers and he didn’t care about anybody else. Her face buried itself in his heart.

Master Peter had quietly placed his hand on Seth’s shoulder and smiled. “The ones who are needed most, tend to be found soonest.”

Seth found Livvy. It was as if he had been waiting for her from the moment she was born.

She was his, and he was hers.

He wasn’t left with Livvy. He was blessed with her.


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