LGBT people fall in love

Ok, I imagine this might come as a shock, but I have to tell you something…

LGBT people fall in love. Now, don’t pass out, but apparently they like romance too. (Gasp!)

So, it might surprise you to discover that there is a growing movement of romance writers, in the universe, ACTUALLY writing romance novels that include (brace yourselves) LGBT couples.

Try not to hyperventilate from the shock of common sense hitting your nervous system.

That was sarcasm.

Sarcasm because my favorite Webtoon Miss Abbott and the Doctor was blasted over the last week because of an episode that included a character discussing her past dating experience with other women. The main character, Cati, was only momentarily taken aback, but was perfectly fine with her friend being gay.

Sadly, this was not the case with some of the series readers. The comments and behavior was, for me, extremely annoying.

Why? Because I don’t find anything wrong with being LGBT, I may be straight myself, but it doesn’t take but a moment to accept that others aren’t the same as me. In fact, I don’t think it’s something that needs to be defended. It is something that has always existed, but hasn’t been allowed to just be what it is.

I have mentioned, many times, that I was raised without stereotypes. For me, people just are. I don’t notice color, sexual orientation or religious differences. People are just people.

That’s why I get annoyed with people. Being gay isn’t meant to be someone’s cause, it’s not meant to be something people are for or against. Something they draw swords over and try to draw blood. It shouldn’t be an ISSUE at all!

The truth is, in an equal world, it wouldn’t be anything more or less than just another fact about a person. Like hair color and eye color, it should simply be part of someone’s unique characteristics. Love is not something a person should have to fight for. It’s a right.

You may not like the truth, but the truth exists whether you close your eyes or not. A truck speeding towards you doesn’t cease to exist just because you close your eyes as it approaches.

The world has tried to ignore that LGBT people exist, doesn’t mean they haven’t always existed, it just means they are tired of letting you ignore them.

Some of the most amazing changes have been happening and people aren’t sure how to adjust. Some are taken aback by the sudden inclusion of romance stories that include LGBT couples. They make quips about how “everyone is writing a lesbian romance into their books these days”.

Personally, I think the books should have existed all along. After all, do you have ANY idea how many romance novels about straight couples there exists in this world? It is a topic without end. Why shouldn’t there be just as many books devoted to other types of love?  I mean, you don’t see Harlequin Romance novels suddenly going out of business because romance is the “same-old-thing”.

Romance never gets old. Everyone loves to read about falling in love. Believing love conquers all is part of being a loving person. Who said that this could only ever be experienced or written about by straight people?

Some of my absolute favorite love stories involve LGBT couples. Falling in love is natural. Sharing that journey should also be natural.

Long live romance!

Bring on the love stories. I have warm covers, a romantic heart, and plenty of hot cocoa to spare.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

4 thoughts on “LGBT people fall in love

  1. Sheesh finally hopefully the stigma and fear are subsiding, I know there will always be frightened weirdos but come on examine yourselves and move on and stop hating. Right?

    1. It’s weird to me because it literally took me years to realize the enormity of the bigotry, hate and fear that exists in the world because I was raised without even a single one. My mother never let on that our family was in any way different in our structural views than any other family. In fact my family was extremely radical in that we were completely raised to see the content of a person’s character. There was no “You can’t because you are a girl” ” Or he’s not acceptable as a friend because he’s black” In my house we had so many differing people in our lives it stuns me that not everyone was lucky enough to have these experiences. I have never felt ANYTHING but gratitude for the way I was raised to see the world.

      1. Yes you’re lucky you have enlightened parents, I developed close friendships with LGBT people at a young age and have always been straight but a member of the”family” because I lean to the extreme right politically I get put in a box by many that don’t take the time to talk to me so I understand what many have to endure

  2. I really could be a test book example of a child raised by a village. My childhood was, by no means, idyllic. My father suffered undiagnosed PTS from Vietnam and became an alcoholic, as did my mother, but this actually resulted in my being around my grandparents and my Aunts and Uncles as I grew up, as my parents were sometimes challenged and needed help, I stayed with many people. There were LGBT friends, differing cultures, differing religions and equally differing opinions on many things. I was thus afforded a unique opportunity through difficult circumstances to decide for myself what I believed. The unique truthfulness and open personalities of my family and friends can’t be denied. It also gave me freedom to ask questions. I wasn’t without challenges, as I was molested at a young age and my parents were really bad at parenting sometimes , but the exposure I got to multiple people actually saved me from only seeing one point of view. The greatest gift I ever received in my life was the chance to see outside myself to the larger world beyond me. This truly proves that hardship can be a blessing. Without hardship there can be no growth. Or, as I like to say “It has to hurt if it’s to heal”–Never-ending Story. 🙂

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