What I did today

Zombie Castaways

Finished: Blood Moon by Al K Line. (Arthur “The Hat” Wildcat Wizard) I like him, but Faz Pound is still my guy.

Began Dead Spark by Al K Line. (Almost done..I’m liking the new depth)

Wrote to my blog (new poetry)

Craved Red Meat…went to Burger King.

Brown Eyed Soul on the walk home. (Soft and luscious)

Worked Chapter 19 into completion.

Chapter 20. Meeting the Bird Boys. (Rubs hands in anticipation)

Chapter 21. Time to rescue Braxley

Chapter 22 Unveiling the truth

Chapter 23 Hamilton saves the day.

Chapter 24 Final explanations and a shock.

I cannot believe I am soo close to completion.

Fell completely asleep for 4 hours (Whoops)

Read new Webtoon: Asleep Beside You. (Binge reading) An introvert male character and an extrovert female character. I totally identify with the male on a level that makes me sqwee. The author totally gets introvert behavior patterns. I heart you!!

Blog work.

Snooping on the net. Found photo of awesomeness and posted it.

So…yeah. my day. Honestly it was pretty awesome for a day off.





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