April 20th, 2017: Daily Log

* Glasses of water drunk: 6 vvg

*Hours slept: 5 Yawn…

* Curse words uttered: 3 vvg

* Book read for the day: The Elementals: The Blood of the Hydra by Michelle Madow Competed. The Rise of Magic: Book One: Restriction 7% Completed.

* Weirdest thought of the day: “Why can’t all Solo cups be purple.”

* Feeling: Focused (doing book research)/ Entertained

* Daily Goals ( Total Win or Total Fail)

Win: Got some work done on book ideas for ongoing projects. (I cannot believe I have soo many books in progress…some have been ideas for years)

Win: Day off tomorrow. I made it through the 4 day 2-close schedule.

Fail: Plano wasn’t completed when I finished my shift. Too many customers, not enough employees (someone got sent home sick)

* Weather outside: Seriously stop raining!! Hahaha very funny scaring the girl waiting for the bus in the rain Zeus. Please, don’t throw lightening bolts at me. I’m jumpy.

*Chatted with:

Nobody. I felt anti-social this evening. So it’s good nobody was actually awake.

*Today I: Watched PStoyreview, Japanese youtube videos of American expatriates living in Japan (learning about Japan from their experiences), worked on book research for the Alderdeen Chronicles for 2 hours. Decided I prefer living in Korea to Japan because (mainly) K dramas and learning Korean phrases from watching so often. However totally adore Japanese people and how beautiful it is there.

Drooled over photo of Benedict Cumber-cutie, felt like I was cheating on favorite person. Hung head in shame…sorry, sorry, sorry…he’s just soo Damned adorable.

Fervently praying my computer opens programs properly this time (Program kept crashing on Sunday. Finally gave up after much curse-bombing.) Final Chapter excitement.

Daily Emoji: 🔰👓📖📑📔📓📚📜📝💻🌟

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