Dear Man with 5 Typewriters,


Dear Man with 5 Typewriters, I sat down today and wrote a friend my story. I hadn’t thought about it before, but, in order to write something down, you have to think about it first. While writing my story I thought about my story at the same time. How to explain and share what deeply affected me and also make it relevant to her, else, why tell the story at all?

Writing down my story, I realized it was a singular viewpoint, mine. I never share painful stories because generally they are about someone doing something to you, and if that person has a shades-of-grey relationship with you, they might get hurt by you being so honest about how you saw things. They mightn’t agree about that viewpoint you just shared. Mostly cause they have their own.

It’s strange, I thought to myself (whilst thinking all this stuff over) how writers (myself included in this presumptively) try to inspire someone with a story primarily written in such a way as to illicit a reaction from them. They craft it and shape it specifically to nudge people into seeing something in the way they need them to see it. It might be considered shifty, if you think about it that way, a kind-of manipulation. The thing is though, writers have to do that, write in such a way as to get at your emotions..cause that’s where the real thinking happens to people. The place they are vulnerable.

My story was crafted, but it was still my story, and still painful and truthful as I could be without breaking down into pieces I’d already done put back together. I decided to write it, even whilst uncertain about telling a story that shades-of-grey person might get upset over. Because, this is my truth, this story and my viewpoint, though it might not be their viewpoint, still matters. How can one change a viewpoint or heal, if they never express it properly?

So, yeah, stories are crafted with a purpose in mind. The writer wants you to feel their feelings, so they craft it in such a way as forces you to see them. It’s a bit raw and painful, but it has to be, to help you understand that it was raw and painful at the time they lived it. Crafted work has an unwritten code of honor that hinges on integrity. That way, though the reader knows you are leading them somewhere, they also know you are leading them there by being honest. That the story isn’t just crafted, it’s the truth.

It was insight that made me write it that way. Insight into how my pain could help heal her pain, if I explained it right. If my love came through. If she saw that it was painful to me,  but I was still sharing it, because she matters. That’s why I wrote it. Because she matters and I need her to know that I have been where she is standing. My pain isn’t her pain, she has a different sort, I’m sure..but it is enough like it to have the same brand name, even if it is a different color and cut.

I shared my story, and found myself healing while hoping to heal.

Funny how that happens.

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