I am kinda in love with the word found today. I’ve been thinking about the meaning of the word. I don’t mean just what the dictionary defines it as, but the way the word makes you feel. The shape of the thing. 

Found is how you feel when you realize you were lost, but aren’t anymore. That you didn’t know you lost something, until it found its way back to you. Found.

Found is something you feared you’d never see again. Maybe, something that was taken, and had to be reclaimed over a very long and painful journey. Found.

Found is the truth coming to light, even if its a hard truth. It’s the clearing away of things left. The confrontation of something that needed confronting, so you could free your heart from the past. Found.

Found is realizing that something that you longed for with all your heart, is no longer missing. That it came, like a song, a prayer, and blessing. The thing you needed, but didn’t know. The thing that wasn’t what you asked for, but was what you needed instead. Found.

Found is taking something that felt worthless, and showing it that it has value in the right hands. Making it see itself as it could be, or always really was, instead of as it currently thinks it is. Found.

I see found when a person, who’s been low, lost, and possibly felt unwanted, suddenly finds their forever family. The place they belong. The spot in the universe that was waiting just for them. Found. 

I see found when a bit of old something gets refurbished, polished and repurposed. It’s not as useless as everyone thought, it just took the right person. The right heart, the proper heart to see what was afraid it would never be seen. Found. 

Not all who wander are lost, but, sometimes even wanderers need to know they can stop once they find what they are truly looking for, even, if it’s just directions to the next adventure.


What a beautiful, beautiful, word.

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