Mrs Saint and the Defectives by Julie Lawson Timmer


I am soo very glad I read this book. It taught me quite a lot about something I have been contemplating, being accepting but also letting yourself be accepted.

I am the type that loves people, wants to encourage them into my life, but still finds being open a challenge. I learned something tangible from this book.

One of my struggles is with the practice of accepting without limit. This is a hard concept for me, a Capricorn, to acknowledge. I see potential in people and never want to give up on them, sometimes this is misunderstood. There is a difficult balance between accepting people as they are, and wanting to push them to be all you can see in them as potential to be more. I believe in people but have a tough time just loving them without meddling.

I always thought kindness was something some people did without thinking about it. That I was somewhat missing that ability because I have to remind myself to be that way. Reading this book, I realized, kindness grows into something you do unthinking, by doing it, over and over again, until it is  an unconscious part of you. It isn’t that others are kinder than I, it is that they do it until it is part of them, just as I must learn to do.

The interconnectivity of the characters made me see the way people impact one another, the way we are able to support and heal one another, simply by actively listening and sharing parts of ourselves. Life is a succession of small moments lived with your entire being. That is how this book made me feel.

What a lovely read.

I highly recommend this one!

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