10 Random facts at 1:00 am

Revisiting this old post:

Note: There’s a while lot of me in this post, sorry bout that…I’m just really bored and can’t sleep)

1) My name starts with R When I turned 6 I changed it to B. Refused to be R except on paper (and when my mum yelled at me using my full name. Thus, making me hate it even more. I threaten anyone who even attempts to call me BB, but oddly enough don’t mind being called just B. I have been called the following versions of my name by children, friends, and my father: Rebecky, Bekiah, Bex, B, Becca Boo and Bekster.

2) I sometimes like animals more than people. I remember animals names far longer than people I have met. My pets growing up were: Tiger, Cricket, Dutchess, Mugsy, Blackbeard, Frosty, and Sinatra Sullivan “Sully”. Sully was a Siamese cat, I loved him like my own heart.

3) I really love traveling. Even the most horrific experiences (getting stranded in Amsterdam airport for two days due to weather issues.) do not deter me. The most touching and amazing experiences have happened to me while flying internationally. I even tolerated 3 days travel non-stop on a Greyhound bus just to visit New Mexico for 2 days. (The bus trip was horrific don’t do it!) New Mexico was amazing and I fell in love with Santa Fe at first sight! I long to see Taos Pueblo again one day.

4) If the movie choices are between a Pixar movie and another movie, I’m probably choosing Pixar…unless the other choice is Kung Fu…Then I’m freaking stuck unable to choose. Horror is never going to be a choice for me. I’m like that guy, Damien, in Dream Daddy when it comes to watching a horror movie. Comedy is always a good bet. If you take me to a musical be prepared for singing in the seat next to you.

5) I’m totally addicted to art. Pottery, sea glass, pressed glass, blown glass, stained glass, photography, wrought iron, carved wood, baskets, digital media, paper craft, metalwork, mixed media. If it’s art, it’s a favorite. I collect postcards and bookmarks because they are small bits of art I can afford.

6) Eclectic music is the best music. Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, Easy Listening, Classical, Opera, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, and Korean R&B. Some of my favorites might surprise you. I like music from more than one country. Contemporary African, Korean R&B, New Age Celtic, and British Pop to name a few.

7) Books. My taste in books is extensive, but tends to lean towards Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fiction & Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Fiction. Mystery is either Cozies or British. Romance leans towards humour with a splash of sex. Science Fiction leans towards Fantasy creatures and space pirates. Contemporary Fiction tends to be old style wisdom and historical.

8) Food. I like trying new things but I am not a fan of seafood beyond fish. I like Mexican and Italian food best. Sub sandwiches are a firm favorite. I was introduced to Thai and Indian food but need more experience in both. If it moves, I ain’t eating It. If it’s considered a worm…I’m definitely not eating it ( I’m looking at you mealworms!) I like bacon from everywhere but am extremely partial to Canadian and English best.

9) Flowers. I prefer my flowers unpicked or in a nice flower pot. I like Lilacs, Violets, Tulips, Lilies and Petunias..but my favorites are Daisies and sometimes Sunflowers. Roses are actually my least favorite flower.

10) Holidays I love Christmas beyond all reason. I like plotting a theme for Christmas for a full year and totally decorating the crap out of my place. Halloween gets second billing but definitely gets the same level of decorating and then there is Valentine’s Day..(but generally only because I like staying in on Valentine’s day with a good book, ice cream and 0 guilt.)

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