Sun Sextile Chiron “Linkage of Trust”

Reading my Synastry work and realized something interesting I hadn’t before. I noticed that my Sun and MW5T’s Chiron connect into an aspect referred to as “linkage of trust”

The definition goes like this “Chiron and the Sun’s Self-Identity and Soul Purpose: This is a positive outcome. It’s a Linkage (success): a special one that usually creates mutual trust, especially on the part of the Chiron person. For that reason, this is called the Linkage of Trust. Another result is great ease when the linked persons are in physical proximity, or even just conversing on the phone. Linked persons view each other as confidants, a part of the family, and long-term partners. The Higher level of Trust also means they need to be aware of each other’s faults and be honest about it.” (Source: Psychological Astrology for the Psyche)

I can definitely understand how this linkage would work, as I already noticed an interesting puzzle-piece nesting that exists between the aspects of both charts.

I wonder which of us is peanut butter and which if us is jelly.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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