Dear Man with 5 Typewriters


Sometimes the best stories, are the ones you rarely share.

Some are in your heart. Like wishes or longing. They speak of who you are inside your dreams. They reveal the heart of you, the deep of you. The you that wants to be a hero, or savior. To have the right answers. The you that wants to be someone special, someone that helps something good become reality. The you that wants to be someone’s hero.

Some are in your head. Connections and leaps of understanding. Complex layers of recognition about truths that swell and blossom. Things that everyone understands on some level, but cannot always put properly to words. Sometimes the words don’t matter as much as the fact that they existed.

Some are in your soul. The story of your journey, your scars. The strength you earned by blood and pain, but cannot share with others. Those stories aren’t for sharing with just anyone. Those stories are for those who need them. The ones who are struggling, or hurting and feel very much alone. Those stories are for them. Because that is when those stories make a real difference. They are painful and the telling of them makes the story more important. Those stories are anchors for frightened hearts that need hope. Hope you know exists, because this story is yours. 

Sometimes a small story is the start of bigger stories. The big ones get told, but the small ones only matter to the one. The one who humbly let’s the bigger story take the limelight. You know the truth, so it doesn’t really matter if people know, besides, it’s sweeter if it’s a secret. Those stories only exist as a reminder that you did something once. A reminder that you lived. A bit of wisdom to share some day far into your future, when ears are listening and hearing. Wisdom comes from knowing when to tell your story.





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