Dear Man with Five Typewriters,

January 17, 2018

Dear Man with Five Typewriters,

Most people consider others the way they consider sentences. They look at the words. The complexity of word combinations. The intricate way these words are used and grouped together. Are they big words or little words that make up their structure? What does the sentence say, how does it contribute to the story that is you?  Then, there is their impact, their philosophical or simplistic meanings. The shape of these sentences, and the way in which these shapes are used to convey meaning.

I’ve always admired and appreciated these sentences, they matter very much but, I have always known that I am somewhat different from some others. They like what they can readily see. They like the feeling of being able to read someone. They enjoy the ease of sorting and explaining everything in a regimented manner. They like seeing and understanding the worth of sentences. The thing is, people are more than just visable. They are more than just the structuring that develops between mind and eye. The more is what I notice.

Me?  I am intrigued by what those sentences aren’t saying. The spaces in-between that also contribute to the gravity and beauty of a sentences fabric. The spaces are also part of the sentence. They add a beauty to the shape of the chapter. The book is written not only by what is visually apparent, but by these silent pauses that words cannot express.  Those pauses give sentences their silent structural integrity.

I like you. I like you for your sentences, just like everyone else does, but…I love you best, for your spaces. They say things about you that is more honest, filled with more depth and more innocence. It is where you feel safest, those spaces. I love your spaces. Your silence says more than your words. Those spaces are the true you. Those silent pauses are the inner you, and “inner you” is stunningly beautiful.

If people are sentences, you are my favorite story.

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