Chiron in the 7th house

7th house is the house of relationships, partnerships, close contacts and other people. The wound that can hurt deepest in this house is by other people.

In order to heal a wound, one must control its power over them. Blaming others gives up control and forces you to wait to be healed by something, or someone, outside ourselves. Blaming others or even blaming oneself only creates a cycle of endlessly waiting to be healed.

Blaming yourself victimizes just as much as blaming others, therefore, the real solution lies in a dual healing.

Working to heal oneself whilst being assisted by one who has experience in the process of self-healing. This actively working individual is valuable because, they already have a working understanding of their own wounds and shadows, which actively frees them from the self-denial that can harm those who are wounded but continuously thrust blame away from themselves.

Often this healing individual will be actively involved in a cycle of blunt honesty mixed with compassionate forgiveness.

The only way to healing in the 7th house placement, is to seek out those who are working on self-healing outside ones natural family or friendship circle, as unfortunately, the person with this placement tends to draw those who are broken. They will not find healing among their most intimate friends. If they do not seek assistance outside their circle, they will be drained attempting to share their healing nature whilst never finding any healing for themselves.

One common occurrence with this placement is a childhood dynamic of a parent being healed by the growing empathic child instead of the proper balance of parent to child protection. The “parent” leans heavily upon the child and the two roles become switched leading to a wound for the child that has far-reaching ramifications as an emerging adult, which causes a painful cycle of self-less giving without knowing how to replenish and heal themselves.

As a result of this “role reversal” the child never properly learns they have the right to be consoled. That they deserve to be heard and supported emotionally. They learn they are a healer, but not that they have the right to be healed.

Therefore, they grow into adults who do not seek comfort. Who do not know what to do with their own wounded souls. They constantly heal others but feel they cannot request this same healing in return. In fact, asking an emotionally healthy friend for support and comfort will never even occur to them. They would consider this the same as dragging that person down into their own painful inner.

They do not recognize that a emotionally healthy individual has a balance they lack and thus, become stuck in a place of never learning how to rejuvenate themselves because they fear revealing that they are, themselves, in need of the same healing they freely offer to others.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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