Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus people are patient workers. They believe in hard work and benefiting from steadily building. They don’t like taking huge risks and would prefer to simply “put in the work” needed to gain success.

They leap right in and “get to it”  The phrase “No time like the present” was probably coined by a Taurus Jupiter.

Clear goals and a clear expectations help keep them on track. Lack of details when someone is enlisting their help will get a no quite often. Taurus in Jupiter don’t do “muddy”

Taurus in Jupiter like luxurious comforts. It indicates security and abundance which are 2 of their main goals in life.

They love children and animals but will not add either to their home until the two goals listed above are met. They won’t be content until they have these things…therefore, Taurus in Jupiter will start working on these kinds of goals very early in life.

The more secure these folks feel..the better they do at making more of their goals come into fruition.

Jupiter in Taurus loves being outdoors. They have a pretty good green thumb and being out in nature grounds them emotionally and spiritually. Practical, earthy, and steady. These folks feel like the salt of the earth. They like having roots. These homebodies don’t just buy a house, they create a base home for generations to come.

Taurus merges well with Jupiter. Creating a patient, courteous and persevering soul that holds steady through both good times and bad.

Only one caution with this placement…Taurus can go a bit overboard when they come up trumps too much. They can get like a child in a candy store when they don’t temper their desire a bit. They can’t resist when something pleasurable is on offer. They dream big and this can cause problems when there is a possibility of being ” Swept up” into things.

This is a rare occurance but, it’s well advised to give a subtle reminder that they call it EXCESS INDULGENCE for a reason. Generally they have solid common sense and practicality..it’s just on rare occasions when they “loose their heads” for a bit.

Jupiter in Taurus doesn’t quite grasp the idea that they need to deny themselves things they want at times. They have a “why not if I can?” kind of viewpoint. This is when they might fall into that “excess indulgence” situation I mentioned.

Overall, Taurus in Jupiter is a patient person who likes beautiful things around them. They are steady planners and know the value of a good hard days work.







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