Lilith in the 4th house

This particular aspect is one I had to consider not writing about. It’s very very personal to TMW5T in this particular area. This makes me uber uncomfortable because it is soo very intimate an area. My integrity is totally pinging me here. I finally decided to only write about what people might already suspect or know from observation of his life facts and leave any other notes out. If the man himself requests them I will mail them to him and him only, since he is the only one knows what’s true and what isn’t for his own personal life. Me, I am sticking to Integrity. I’m not about to make guesses about another person’s secret home life.

Lilith In Sagittarius 4th house

So, Lilith has two personalities when it comes to the 4th House, She either totally ignores you, or she makes your life miserable. Lilith here will have an impact on your entire life and chart. Felt in every single area. Yeah, it sorta sucks. The only other house that compares with the suckitude of this one, is the 11th house. If we compare them we will be here all day trying to decide who has it worse, so let’s just say they both have the corner of the market on difficult childhoods.

This is where being abandoned or losing a parent as a child shows up. Since I am aware of TMW5T having an absent parent throughout childhood, I am going to say he had an extremely challenging childhood. This house affects how you see yourself through the loss of something or someone in your family. The fact that he has multi-cultures also affects his sense of personal identity. He might have experienced challenges in knowing where he belongs and where he “fits”. This is often the house of people who are soo stubborn they become determined from a young age to “make it” on their own. Many, many rags-to-riches stories come from this house.

The person who lives in this house forms a family with people who are created rather than given. Which is to say, extended friends who become family to them. They also consider their home a place of sanctuary. They will not let just ANYONE inside unless they feel comfortable with them. This isn’t a person who throws house parties or invites people to stop over, their home is where they are at their most naked. Only the truly fortunate get inside. They spend a lot of time making their home perfect and spend the most money-making it look just the way they want it to, but not for others, for their own happiness.

This is the house of a person highly engaged in their chosen profession. They have a fluidity of speech about them that followed them from childhood. Those in the 10th house have this as a fluidity of body which results in a love of dance or spontaneously dancing as a child, those in the 4th house have this same fluidity, but in the area of speech. They say the most unusual things. Beautifully and with great depth. This fluidity of speech often results in careers using this talent (writers, actors, politicians)

Those of this house often have obsessions of a particular theme. Things they are really driven by, chosen profession or something (or someone) they totally immerse themselves in understanding completely. The presence of this often creates an adult who detaches themselves slightly from others as a means to deal with the overwhelming qualities of the 4th house.

The childhood section is the section I am omitting. It is the one I mentioned at the start I will not venture to conjecture. It doesn’t mean that all that have this house suffer from these issues but, that there is correlative evidence of many from this house sharing this particular aspect. I am omitting it on purpose. I will say that there is quite a bit of evidence that TMW5T might have this childhood issue as he has exhibited the exact qualities of others that have experienced this but, none-of-my business. Once again, if he himself requests more info I will provide the information. (Nectarfizzy@ gmail)

Those who live in the 4th house Lilith, generally find themselves becoming their own counselors as adults. They work and work internally for ages just to overcome the aspects of this placement. One way they do this is through creativity and self-expression.

The more they embrace this method, the more they will find themselves feeling independent and secure within themselves. Having others to confide in helps this aspect immensely.

Often with this placement, a person will have one secret they tell no other person about, not even a very close one. It is a sort of rebellion and self-indulgence. There will be no hint of it as this secret isn’t one they want to share or even explain to others.

One area where this person will be highly rewarded for overcoming this placement is in the area of creativity if they extend it from their home. A home office, studio or some other home-based business is very likely to succeed here. The reason is that their home is the place this person feels most secure and free, and if they conduct business from this base, they will be rewarded with increased insight, comfort, and a sense of control that makes their endeavors flourish. Basically, being where they feel most comfortable makes them more creative and open.

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