Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer has a crafty side. They know what they want, and they don’t always mind getting it through manipulation or sneakiness. Generally dependable and protective, they don’t play around when it comes to intense emotions either. They are very protective and a bit cocky if they know what they are on about.

Cancers in the Mars placement can be a bit resistant to change. They like stuff where they know it goes, even things they actually don’t like currently (easier that way). They mull things over so can be frustrating to more rabbit types of thinkers. They rarely cause a direct confrontation preferring to just plot their foes death in silent disgust. However, this quality is best left well alone when it comes to a family have been warned.

Sex for a Mars in Cancer is very much about emotions. They don’t care for emotionless sex. Why bother having sex if emotional vulnerability isn’t involved? Also, some of this sign are terribly turned-on with the idea of making a baby.

Cancer in Mars are protective. Very…very..protective. They shy from confrontation for their own sake, but mess with their people and WHAM it’s on in a big way.

These folks are really, really affected by indifference. Love them, Hate them..but for “GOODNESS SAKE” don’t just passively stand there feeling nothing. It drives them bonkers!

These guys are nurturing. They like home. They like being home. They like fussing about the house and doing homey things.

Sadly, with the Mars placement they rarely get to be homey…they solve things with action and thus…seem to never get to just sit at home..dammit!



Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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