Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer:

They are deeply emotional and caring. They are sensitive to undercurrents and vibes from the room. They have an intuitive sense that borders on the psychic. They can read others really well and this aids them with navigating difficult situations. They are the best at diffusing tension.

Many astrologists, tarot readers, occult followers, and psychic mediums are Cancer Moon people. They not only feel the undercurrent, but they are also able to effectively navigate it.

They love to research and discover ancient history. Will be well versed in old folklore and taboo subjects others have either never read about, or aren’t really interested in any longer.

The family ties of this sign are unbreakable. If you want a Moon in Cancer to like you, you’d best like their family too. They won’t negotiate, the family will always win. You haven’t been there from the beginning, and thus, you will lose, every. single. time. Cancer Moon people put a lot of stock in longevity. The longer they have known you, the more a part of them you become. They hang onto people, for a very long time. Even if their friends and loved ones are screw-ups they are THEIR screw-ups and they don’t let well..a crab really.

Cancer Moons are crazy about children. They adore them. They often take on careers in the children’s health and entertainment fields. If they aren’t directly linked to a career with children, you will often notice them donating to children’s charities, assisting or protecting children in some manner. When Cancer Moons are surrounded by children they become a completely different human. Their eyes soften, they get down on the floor, they play with complete abandon and glee. They truly love and respect children in the same serious manner they reserve for other adults, this is because they consider children to be just as aware of what they want and need. Cancer Moons, see everyone as an equal, no matter how young or old. They will battle for them to have their right to speak and be heard, no matter their age.

Cancer Moons often startle people with their inner strength. You can’t guess it by looking at them since they often appear slightly mystical and fragile, but they are very very strong emotionally and spiritually. They are security-minded and good with money, for the most part. They know that life is fragile, and this knowledge makes them very focused on protecting those fragile areas of their lives.

Cancer Moons make amazing writers and actors. They are able to pull things from their vulnerability and thrust it into sight. They excel at making others see what is uncomfortable and raw in its intensity.

Cancer Moons show their strength most when dealing with their own feelings. They might cry a good cry, but they will quickly put it aside when the situation calls for it,. Never attempt to use their feelings against them. They may cry, but they will do it as they walk you to the door and firmly shut it behind you. They are deeply sentimental but all too practical.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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