North Node Gemini

North Node-Gemini, South Node-Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are signs of communication and learning.

This placement often indicates a life purpose including teaching, learning, writing and spreading the word about important topics. Lunar Nodes are always breaking down and contemplating information. They are incredibly interactive with loads of friends and acquaintances. Those with N. Node in Gemini are world travelers, they love people and assimilating other cultures into their own. They are known for having friends from all over the globe! The one lesson these folks are learning in this lifetime is how to put down roots. They love moving about soo much that they don’t really know the true pleasure of belonging to a specific place or location. They need to develop a common-sense perspective that doesn’t involve philosophizing and they could do with a sense of belonging somewhere that they can return to whenever they stop traveling.

They are probably the poster-child for wanderlust and nothing gets them to sit in one place, still, they might enjoy learning the pleasure of familiar rituals and traditions that come from being in a community. It matters very little if that community is their own family members or the town they live in, the value is in knowing they belong somewhere even while they wander.

The challenge of this sign is learning “dialog” with others. The give and take of conversations that teach listening instead of speaking. The pleasure they can cultivate from hearing and contemplating things from the perspective of another person outside themselves.

Learning areas:


Rootless wanderlust, fixation on the future instead of experiencing the now, learning much but mastering little, biting off more than they can chew, speaking without getting all the facts, being overly philosophical, getting lost in theories, arrogance, hedonism, and greed.


community rituals and traditions, “Being present”, Active listening, playful exploration of topics, dialogue, partnership and dynamics of partnership, and hobbies.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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