North Node in the 10th house

North Node in 10th house

North Node in the 10th house is attached to their childhood. Good or bad they focus on it. They can’t let go of things. Those with this house can become overly dependent on others and avoid accepting responsibility for things. They might fear rejection to an extreme and miss opportunities for growth, success, or happiness.

This placement would do very very well with accepting the past and moving forward without dwelling on these things whilst looking toward new experiences. They need to accept that they might have been part of the problem and accept the responsibility of such.

This placement needs to learn the strength of inter-dependency as apposed to that of Co-dependency. The use of loving boundaries is something that can only strengthen them and teach them better self-reliance and foster healthy relationships that forge really lasting bonds and the sense of security they desperately need.

These folks need balance. Moderation in all things can only help. Those with this placement are sentimental and nostalgic, seeing the past with extremely rose-colored glasses. They either re-write their past, or they fail to confront it, neither of these things is healthy.

Those with this placement are very sensitive, and as a result, might use that sensitivity as a crutch to explain away their problems. It’s quite one thing to be sensitive, it is quite another to act like that sensitivity made negative actions acceptable.

Does it need to be said that those in the 10th house need to let go of their childhoods? If they hold on to their childhoods they hold back their future. They need solid goals and a mature distancing from their emotional memories. Releasing and accepting that they are no longer living in the state that caused their yesterday, can only improve their interactions with the lives they live now.

Those with this placement feel keenly the lack of something from childhood. This lack of something becomes an obsession that threatens to stagnate and spoil all the things they might have if they can only accept that the lack exists. Once they accept this state of things they can then release its hold upon them. Often just the releasing of this lack makes them stronger activists for their own future promises in the same area. It is fear that their lack will destroy their happiness that prevents them from ever obtaining it. Once they commit to release of this fear, the fear ceases to have power over them.

The best lesson those of this placement can embrace is the knowledge that fear is the best indicator of growth. We do not fear what we are familiar with. If what is familiar is lacking, one can only surmise that to fear, is to move towards a better place. Fear is the psyches way of tricking you into staying in the place you don’t want to be. Feel the fear, and do it anyway!

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