Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces are sensitive, vulnerable, and sometimes feel extremely defenseless. They see the shades of grey that others don’t, and this makes them much more aware of the harsher sides of life. This can cause a negativity that borders on depressive.

The way they can flip this negative into a positive is in their use if this awareness in creating compassionate and caring connections with others. They reach out and acknowledge those others turn away from as a lost cause or see as without any value.

Their sensitivity to dark emotion can create a need to understand their emotional sides and often leads to a spiritual or philosophical path in life that provides them with much needed structure and stability.

Saturn in Pisces may need to focus on building self-confidence and an appreciation for their finer qualities.

Their subconscious is very intuitive and they will need to learn to trust their gut reactions as their intuition knows things before they are consciously aware of them. They might talk themselves out of something, out of fear, instead of trusting themselves because they can’t explain why they know what they know.

More than any other sign, Saturn in Pisces has trouble letting go of past hurts. This can lead to fearful behavior that prevents them from moving forward or taking chances that require trust.

Saturn in Pisces has an endurance that startles and mystifies others.

They need to learn detachment. Loving and remaining detached is very difficult for them. Even if they know they can’t solve problems for people, they desperately want to do so.

The feet is an area of the body that may cause concern for Saturn in Pisces. Bone pain and joint pain are common with this placement.

This placement is also well-known for their active fantasy life. They thirst for love, passion, beauty and unity and may even have very vivid dreams.

This placement is all about learning to have faith in something they cannot touch. A faith that sees beyond reality and settles into a place of trust without proof. The need exists to trust in something they truly cannot prove in concrete terms. Their lesson is one of  knowing instead of seeing.

Since their biggest fear is the unknown, they fear the invisible and the unplanned. Underneath these fears is a person who simply cannot bear to see others in pain.

This person may have excessive anxiety, emotional and neurotic troubles and psychotic tendencies.

To counter this they will need spend time in structured inactivity. They have a habit of introversion, escapism, and giving up.

This placement is sometimes the marker of a missing parent. Lacking this person creates a need for structure, boundaries, and self-protection. This can create a feeling of being at a loss in how to correct the imbalances present within them.

The best means of creating this balance, is through the application of active creativity, artistic discovery, and emotional expression.  If introduced to these areas, as a child, this native can find great peace and restfulness to balance them when these issues overwhelm them. If dissuaded from these areas, as a child, this native might consider adding these areas for their benefit as an adult.

My advice to anyone with this placement, is to allow themselves the right to do impulsive and slightly wacky things that feel a wee bit vulnerable or require trusting someone not to judge or misunderstand them. Because they have a heightened sense of fear of embarrassment or harsh censure they need to take chances and learn, through repetition, that they can trust others and themselves. That even if they misjudge someone else, they can trust themselves to guide them safely through it.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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