Sun in Virgo

Sun in Virgo:

Sun in Virgo. You mostly love them. They have skills and talents coming out of their ears. They are extremely good at planning and putting things into action. They are also very good at seeing the holes and spaces where things could be improved. They are helpful, modest, responsible and quick. They are also knit-picky, critical, forgetful and stressed out. They are the best and worst workers you will ever meet.

The reason is that they know their shit. They work the smallest details so that nothing can go wrong. This makes them excellent at making things work, it also makes them completely nuts looking for the things that could go wrong. They basically see and point out every little detail that doesn’t work, even the details that you didn’t want to know about. This can annoy others because they can’t turn it off. They see things and their inner compulsion to share these details can be off-putting when not used for work.

They are motivated by a need to use their skills and talents to best advantage. “Why have them if you aren’t going to use them?” they ask.

They like to be useful. In fact, will become so useful to you that you one day realize you can’t find your socks without them. This then is one of the problems of Virgo. They are the doer’s and because they do so well, they place themselves under a lot of stress trying to “be all things, to all people” They need to learn to delegate but know that nobody can do it the way they would and thus create a Virgo paradox.

Virgo’s are always wanting to be useful to others. They feel that being useful is how they fit in. It’s how they make friends and keep them. They forget that others like them without them having to do anything at all. In fact, as a Capricorn, I understand Virgo’s very well indeed. Virgo’s are, to my way of thinking, warm Capricorns.

Capricorns are planners too, they know all about putting in the work, making a plan and flaunting our skills. Virgo’s are this and more, but they are also more than Capricorns in that they are warm. They feel deeply and emotionally attached to their work. They cannot separate themselves. To criticize their work is to criticize them. They get hurt and feel deeply rejected if they are not understood. Where a Capricorn coldly waits for others to accept their power, a Virgo will fret and worry over things and drive themselves into a frenzy.

Virgo’s are, for me, as a Capricorn, people I want to shield, and people I am deeply and secretly envious. I want to shield them (possibly while rolling my eyes) from the hurt they get from others who don’t take the time to appreciate all the effort they put into the things they are being so very “picky” about, and envious, because they truly are masters at having 300 tasks lined up in order and perfectly placed for maximum effect. That shit is amazing!

Virgo’s take jumbles of things and make sense of them. They put things into order and line them up for others to easily understand and utilize. They also don’t like you to touch their stuff. If they have it piled up, it is piled up perfectly for what they are working on, move it at your own peril.

Virgo’s don’t like scenes. Don’t do it. I’m not kidding. They also never forget. If you want to keep a Virgo happy, don’t draw attention to their mistakes in public. To a Virgo that shows a lack of loyalty. Pointing out errors privately is perfectly acceptable, showing others their lacking areas publicly, is not.

If you are a manager or boss of a Virgo, you will learn, very quickly, that counseling a Virgo is always best done in the office without anyone else around. If you do it in front of anyone else, the Virgo will not only not forget, they will never forgive you for it.

This is because Virgo’s are deeply proud of their work. They consider it part of them. They will go to the ends of the earth to help make people happy. They are self-critical, constantly trying to be more and accomplish more, for their people, as they can.

Virgo’s are the best letter writers. They fill their letters with wit and funny commentary. They share little things they heard, and saw, and thought about. All the little details are filed away and kept in a Virgo’s secret memory for just such occasions. They are also wonderful story-tellers. Many Virgo’s become writers for this ability. They not only see things in detail, but they remember them that way as well. They can entertain and delight others simply by recounting memories that amused and delighted them in such detail it’s like you are there with them.

Like I said, Virgo’s are warm. They are warm and open. They might tell you that you don’t look good in that blouse, but they will also tell you exactly what blouse does look best on you, and in what cut and what color. They criticize because they assume you would like to know, as they would, immediately when something isn’t working. This includes your choices, your plans and your life. If you can inwardly accept that they do this out of a deep love for your happiness you will be much less annoyed.

A Virgo will be the first to know you are hurt or upset. Without saying a word they will rescue you. They will silently support and move mountains out of your way. They will shield and assist. They will see and sympathize. Because they don’t like attention drawn to their mistakes they will often assist you silently. You may not even know they did. When they point out mistakes to you, it will always 100% be because they care. They are detail-oriented, slightly shy and always very very sensitive to the surrounding atmosphere.

I admit it, I like Virgo’s quite a lot. I am always amused to realize that my friends’ list is dotted with 4 Astrology signs above all others:


and Cancer’s

Make of that what you will.

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