Venus in Cancer (Cancer in Love)

Venus in Cancer

Ok, I’ll admit it! I have been dying to do this one for absolute ages.

My favorite person is this sign and it gives me no end of smiling.

Why? Because, Damn! The man is hot as smoking coals! And this is one of the reasons I adore his scruffy ass.

See, there is only one Cancer in Love. You can have a Cancer Moon and be sentimental and lovely, but Cancer in Venus is special. Very, very, special. (My favorite person happens to be both people! H. O. T.!)

Venus in Cancer is sentimental. They are completely comfortable with the way they feel about you. They don’t give a rats ass if anyone else teases them for it. They LOVE. unconditionally. With all they are and all they have. They are the guy you see buying huge flower arrangements for the women in their lives. The guy who still looks at his wife of 50 years and starts crying because he thinks she is so damned beautiful. They are playful, endearing and really, really sincere.

When this guy asks you to marry him, what he really means is “Please have my children” If they find a woman who makes them feel secure and loved they will never let her get-away.

They are also the guy who waits, waits, waits to find the woman that gets to have all that lovely committed love. This guy will have his heart on his sleeve, but he is also very very picky. He wants a solid, committed relationship. The woman he loves will have been studied closely. Examined minutely. Given a really long look before he lets loose with that damned adorable affection.

He is, in my opinion, the perfect mixture. He will not be a doormat, so he doesn’t commit easily, but he will also not be running for the door the moment things get hard, once he has decided. He is and always will be, by the side of the one he loves.

With his family, once he has committed to one, he will give all his attention, care, and effort. He will remember which rabbit his son likes best to sleep with, and where he is most likely to be hiding come bedtime. He will patiently have listened to every story, every confession, and tenderly work to ensure his child knows that he/she is loved.

He will no longer work for notoriety, which might be what mattered previously, after he attains his secret hearts want, a family to love, he will work to secure their protection, their comfort, and their future. Their happiness is his.

He is the guy voted most likely to have planned for his own death so that his family is provided for should he leave them. He will compile memory after memory. Sneak looks at his wife and chortle over surprises he is cooking up.

In a word. This guy is my favorite type completely.

I could write about this guy forever.

He loves a good snuggle. Enjoys being attacked enthusiastically by his children when he comes home from work. Makes up family traditions and rituals to celebrate being happy.

With his family, this man is complete. His deepest dream, his secret wish, is this kind of contentment.

Which is why I often sigh when I see photos of my favorite person. He hasn’t yet found that happiness and I long for it to happen for him, with my whole heart.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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