Vertex in Aquarius

Your Vertex is seen as a Gateway or Connection in your chart. It shows pivotal changes that might occur throughout your life. The Vertex in Aquarius narrows you down to locating what area or part of your life is going to be affected by this.

Your Vertex is special. It points to people, connections, and moments that change your life! Think of the Vertex as an oracle. It points to the specific area of your life that amazing things can happen. Even more interesting, Vertex shows you what areas are going to be important to you. By learning the sign and house the Vertex falls into you can actually figure out what parts of your life to focus on in order to move fate along even faster! The most significant Vertex point is that of “Destiny’s Gate” when you have this show up as an aspect with someone else, it indicates that they will have a very real impact on your life in an area that truly matters to your growth.

In the sign of Aquarius, you are most likely going to experience the Vertex in areas of people. People that you must learn to deal with in order to get the things you want to exist done. Interactions with those who are not invested in your dreams. In other words, you are going to have to learn how to get people who have no reason to care about your ideas, to actually listen, and eventually become invested, in your dreams.

This native needs to learn detachment. He is going to sometimes run into people who aren’t full of kind words and compassion and he has the unpleasant task of learning to keep these people from hurting him emotionally when they don’t show interest or enthusiasm for his ideas or passions, whilst still working diligently to build his future and get those same people to start listening.

Another lesson this guy is going to learn is that he cannot make his dreams happen alone. He needs people.  Lots of people. People with connections to other people and did I mention he has to learn the skill of getting those people to care about the changes he’s looking to make in the world? Yeah, this guy is going to have some major pivotal moments. He’s also going to need extra courses in diplomacy.

Oh, and another thing. This native needs to be really, really humble. Why? Because he needs those people, and those people will be needed because they are smarter at something than he is, that’s kinda why he needs them. Who wants to work for a guy who acts like Mr. Superior? Nobody ok. This guy’s best approach to anything is to appreciate the people who decide to help him. The people who make the decision to put their faith and passion into his big dream. Yeah, that’s a big responsibility.

Ok, so let’s say you don’t learn diplomacy and you run into people who don’t want to help you and you kinda act superior, well…that behavior can lead to people who will actively oppose you. Like seriously want to destroy you and all the things you want to accomplish. See, there is this thing called respect and people tend to really say hurtful things if they think you are a douche canoe. So, do yourself a favor here Aquarius Vertex, don’t add to your pile of work by making enemies.

The area where you must be the most vigilant in eradicating is going to be in the area of personal prejudices. Yup, if you have them, you are going to want to work on those suckers, because that above paragraph is all about you buddy. Aquarius native is a guy who can make all kinds of things happen, but he is going to need to work with all kinds of people. Accepting them equally is, therefore, going to be a thing. Whatever you have internal issues with is most likely going to be the very specific area fate will toss at you over and over again until you learn the lesson of acceptance of everyone. Yup. No room for hating in the big Vertex buddy!

(As for TMW5T, I think this is the reason he is successful. He has a personality that matches his Vertex and it shows! His success also shows that he has definitely learned the lessons needed and listed above.)

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