Vertex in the 5th house

This native has a very childlike enthusiasm and love for life. There is a sense of the naivete or implicit trust that exists within them that came along with them from childhood. They also have internal tantrums and a bit of stubbornness come from childhood as well. A wanting it to be their way and if “you don’t I’ll pout” type of reflex. They will most certainly conquer this trait as adults if they want the vertex to work for them, but they will be aware of this internal conversation that comes over them in moments of argument.

This native loves to be creative and they live for the excitement of something they created finally coming to its final celebration. It doesn’t matter how many years it has taken for their dream to manifest when it does they will be as excited as a kid at Christmas.

This house has a deep childhood fear of being abandoned. It will most likely come up time and time again in their personal life. It is an area where they will need to confront their shadows not once or twice, but many times. In the area of love, they have serious struggles to manifest things the way they dream. They need unconditional acceptance and a firm and loving base to return to that feels safe to them at all times.

(TMW5T has a very real chance of overcoming this shadow. The fact that he has maternal traits is very good for helping dispel fear and create the nest base I speak of above. The hardest part for him will be in bringing another person into this base and letting them see this very vulnerable part of himself. The moment he allows another into his nest will be a very big challenge for him. If the fear of abandonment is severe enough, the moment he allows another into his nest is also the moment he will be most fearful. If he works through this shadow, he will have a very good chance of meeting his Vertex needs.)

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