Virgo Sun in the 12th House

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Natal Birth chart-

This guy is interesting.

Deeply sensitive to the emotions around himself this guy delves into the collective unconscious. He digs deep into dreams, longing, and thoughts that foster within him a deep, deep, endless need to be creative. It’s not just that he wants to be creative, it’s that he feels almost physically pained if he doesn’t express his creativity.

He has a kind of medium-ship with regards to expressing creative feeling. He sees and connects things that others cannot even conceive exist.  The 12th house is a house of self-sacrifice and this exhibits itself in self-acceptance, a need for extreme privacy, seclusion from others, and a predisposition to silence.

This person needs to disconnect often and dip into their own self-created world of dreams, feeling, and most-of-all fantasy. If this need is not expressed regularly, or is ignored for too long, this person will begin to find themselves fading off mid-conversation, or wandering off physically in order to be forcibly pulled into the pool by their own brain.

They need to sneak “off-stage” and reconnect to that which makes it all worthwhile for them. They need to see the world that “exists” interior for them, in order to “exist” in the exterior world that demands their attention.

Music, dancing, art, and other emotionally creative pursuits, are a passion for this man. This is how he connects to his spiritual side. Unlike those that need a religious code or doctrine, the Virgo Sun in 12th house, expresses the spiritual needs of his soul, by opening himself up to the deep human feelings he carries privately within the dimensions of his own mind. He has the ability to connect to his emotional inner core and find the peace he craves.

If this person does not recognize or consciously understand this need, or is forced to focus too long without connecting into it, they will find themselves unable to express or even understand their own motivations and reactions.

There will be a sense of isolation from others, a sense of being inside the world of others, but not belonging to it. As a Virgo, this man needs the ability to fade back into the background of the work and run things “behind the scenes” for some of, if not all-of the time.

If he is in the public eye, being too long in public without “recharging” can cause him to appear a bit unfocused or not-quite there. This could cause observers a feeling of this person being very sensitive, but not quite reachable.

It’s an incorrect observation, but an understandable one, as this native flits in and out of their secret thoughts never quite conscious that they appear “there” but also “not there” when others interact with them.

As a Virgo, they are actually very, very much there..they just process their emotional reactions through the filter of their own inner creative spirituality, before engaging with things and people around them. It’s like the mind is still recording, but the soul has taken a look inward for a moment, and then catches back up by hitting replay.

This guy isn’t the “party” type. More likely to be home reading, padding barefoot around while music plays, and generally communing with his own personal style of spiritual meditation.

This guy needs to commune with himself..if he doesn’t it’s really bad. Like, REALLY BAD.

Reclusive, full of doubts, and worries, changing his mind or rerhinking his once solid choices, and not connecting with his own personal brand of meditation, will tie this guy up in the biggest baddest knots ever forged.

Since Virgos are natural nurturers, forcing themselves to go, go, go without taking time out to do their own brand of meditation, is like feeding themselves only the negatives and forgetting they even have positives. They will turn that nurturing inward like an angry toddler who has exhausted themselves out.

Ok, so..there is a trend with this placement that makes things hard for these guys growing up. Generally, there is a high percentage of kids like this born into families that have left them alone too often. Virgo kids tend to be so quiet and self-immersive,  a trait that leads their families to incorrectly assume they don’t need anything. That they are “perfectly fine” alone for long periods of time. The families these kids find themselves in are generally busy working to survive, are a bit inattentive or are distracted by their own  pressing needs. Even in household with lots of children, these kids can feel disconnected from the rest of their siblings in some way or that they didn’t have their own space, belongings, or their own private audience whenever they needed it with their parents.

Whatever the reason, this kid was left alone a lot of the time. This causes them to feel unimportant, unseen, or even invisible. They might find themselves wandering at odd times of the night, prone to strange behaviors, or susceptible to danger. In order to forge bonds of friendship, these kids will work very, very hard to be “interesting” to other kids. This can sometimes lead them into doing things they don’t really want to do, but do because they have a deep need to be included somewhere. They can be taken advantage of or bullied if this need is too obvious to others. This can result in difficult personality habits. A habit of capitulating to often to those who need them, even if they are being used, or a habit of drawing “needy” or “broken” people to them healing them, and then losing them once they no longer need healing. They may even stay in unhealthy relationships because they cherish the feeling of being needed, even if that person’s need hurts them.

The best future for these kids, is meeting people who are healing themselves, or have a healthy inner core. These people will feel like teachers and healers to the Virgo Sun in 12th house person. By aligning themselves with those that are constantly improving themselves, this native can learn to spot when their natural need for inclusion, is in fact drawing someone unhealthy into their circle. While they may want to help and heal, an awareness of their inclination to this is best for balance. Healthy boundaries are a Virgo Sun in 12th house’s best friend.

Despite the hard circumstances of this trait, these kids grow up to be incredibly loving and insightful into the inner pain and unspoken needs of others. Due to their own experiences being alone and needing to be included, these natives become experts at making others feel seen and included. Nobody is ever ignored by these natives. Even if the native is not inclined to friendship with someone, they will always go out of their way to be polite and friendly.

The other side effect of this trait, is that these kids are immensely creative. Being alone for long periods of time generally forces these kids into creative solutions to their inner needs for change, stimulation, and growth. These are the kids that grow up reading the entire encyclopedia collection, identifying all the trees or flowers in their backyard or finding their chosen field or passion while still very young, for example.

They may need to have their own way too often in a group, demanding that others defer to them or they might go the opposite direction and fight to become separate but unique  from others in such a way that gains them everyone’s notice. A need for recognition of their inner value. The need to pursue recognition more than money or prestige. For these natives, It’s not about impressing people, it’s about being recognized for their hard work and effort.

These natives have a habit of being secretive and illusive. They sometimes feel they are two people. The person everyone needs them to appear to be, and the flawed aspects that truly make up who they are. For this reason they often feel like they are not enough or that they aren’t deserving of then attention they get. This causes a cycle of proving themselves and not being satisfied with their own accomplishments. Virgo’s especially are prone to being “dissatisfied” with their own performance, feeling they should have “done more” or “worked harder.” Those they know would be aghast to know this, because, if anything, this native plans beyond what could ever possibly be expected. They become known for their work ethic.

This native needs to be particularly conscious of the habit of staying in relationships whereby they are doing everything for their partners. They are so generous and helpful that their partners might fall into the habit of letting this native do everything for them, to the point that, they become entirely dependent and lose their sense of individualism, the very thing that probably made the Virgo Sun native notice them in the first place.

This habit can be destructive for the native, as they unconsciously create within their partner, a personality conflict that over-time, they will come to resent, even if they are, in fact, the reason this trait manifested in the first place.

Being aware of this habit is key to avoiding it. This native needs a partner that has a high sense of individualism or independence about them. The native will feel uncomfortable with this independent behavior, because of their natural bad habit to over-nurture and needs to be aware that this discomfort is actually because they are being forced into a balance that has, thus far, been absent within their life. This growth might be painful, but it’s also completely beneficial.

Despite this annoy trait in their partner of being “Too Independent” this type of partner is exactly what our Virgo Sun in the 12th house needs to be healthy and in proper balance with their chosen mate. By being consciously aware of this trait and the fact that it will “annoy” them slightly, they can actually come to enjoy the friction of building healthy boundaries.

The best partner for 12th house Sun Virgo’s, are people who transpose their 12th house planets and vice versa. These people will bring out traits and strengths the native Virgo Sun in 12th house was unaware of having within themselves.

To identify more about what needs to be further developed within this native look to the sign the Sun is in (Virgo) and delve more deeply into ways to further develop the positive traits and ways to recognize and consciously be aware of the negative traits that might interfere with that growth. Knowing how we shoot ourselves in the foot, goes a long way to circumventing our reactions when they are challenged. Knowing about a trigger is a way to avoid the bullet.

Update note: Oct 11, 2020

Checking into my interactions through my Synastry I find it interesting that this Aspect mentions interactions with the 12th house planets. TMW5T has 4 signs in 12th house. Sun. Mercury. Uranus and Pluto. The number of interactions we share in these planets is overwhelming. What’s even more astounding, is that in all but the Sun ( Mercury, Uranus and Pluto)..I not only interact with him..we interact in at least 3 of the 4 each time.

Mars Trine Sun

Mars Trine Mercury

Mars Trine Uranus

Neptune Square Sun

Neptune Square Mercury

Neptune Square Uranus

Neptune Square Pluto

Ascendent Square Sun

Ascendent Square Mercury

Ascendent Square Uranus

They list as challenges (squares) because I would force work in these areas. Interesting.

There other interactions are as follows:

Sun Opposite Moon

Sun Opposite Venus

Sun Opposite Mars

Sun Trine Jupiter

Sun Sextile Chiron

Sun Opposite Point of Fortune

Sun Trine Ascendent

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Mercury Opposite Venus

Mercury Trine Jupiter

Uranus Square Mars

Uranus Trine Saturn

Uranus Sextile North Node

Lilith Trine Pluto

Ok, so why Mars, Neptune and Ascendent?

These, I believe, are areas I would help TMW5T to grow internally..especially in the area of Ascendent as that involves the masks we are forced to wear or fear  dropping to reveal our true selves. It also indicates childhood roles or conditioning we have had thrust upon us..both areas I feel TMW5T desperately needs assistance.

Mars has to do with releasing toxic masculine gender roles and asserting ourselves as we grow out of the childhood scripts we gave been taught to restrict us. Mars also has to do with embracing and rewriting sexual restrictions placed upon us, especially in the area of abuse or repression that may have made us fearful of our sexuality, or even uncomfortable with expressing in a healthy way instead of an overly aggressiveness  or passive way..both which can also be unhealthy.

Neptune is all about embracing fantasy or daydreaming, trusting instincts that aren’t logic based and immersing yourself in a state of intuitive spirituality that may frighten or confuse people. It is especially hard for those who rely on pure reasoning to simply take leaps of faith.

What I find most stunning is that each of these are areas I have experienced in my own life and learned quite a lot about. These are my strength zones and that makes me really curious.

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