We constantly battle the labels others might attempt to place on us, but what about the labels we place on ourselves?
Shouldn’t those labels also be battled? Shouldn’t we work just as hard, if not harder, to vaporize their limitations?

I am a Capricorn. I’m proud of that but, I’m also very un-Capricorny. My friends often point this out. I’m different because I am changing myself. I do that.

Every day I tell people that I love them. I don’t just say I love them, I tell them why. I get teary-eyed and terribly vulnerable. As a Capricorn this is abnormal. As me..this is perfectly acceptable.

I am comforted by labels. They mean solidarity, stability, and support. I am also a warrior for change. My labels, though they help people understand me better, aren’t concrete. They are fluid. My labels change.

Some labels aren’t really labels. I’m female. This is an identifier, not a label.I identify as female. I’m not defined by it. Some people are born female, but don’t identify as female. See the point?

Labels are funny things. We tend to like them to stay put. We don’t like it when labels change..but, they are supposed to change.

Why do we put labels on things? To identify what is inside a thing right? If you empty out a pear jar and put peaches inside, wouldn’t the label need to change to adjust to the fact that the contents changed?

Therefore, yes. Labels are meant to change.

The truth is, it isn’t the label that has a problem with change. It’s people.

Labels are all well and good for those who are attempting to find a jar of peaches, but people aren’t peaches. People are a mass of changing, growing, evolving chaos. We change like the sky changes. All beautiful, but always changing.

We don’t like change but, life is nothing but change.

Perhaps the best way to reduce a fear of people losing their labels, is not to label them in the first place.

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