Dear MW5T,

Dear MW5T,

Do I write to you too often? This started out as just a lark. Talking to someone I feel a kinship with but will probably never meet.

Thing is, I’ve shared some pretty deep thoughts with TMW5T and, whelp…he’s become an important part of my inner world. This dialog doesn’t seem quite proper suddenly. I mean, I feel a growing affinity for someone I’ve never actually met. The real you probably wouldn’t appreciate me being overly familiar and stuff.  This persona is, in reality,  just me..talking to myself. While it has been quite interesting, it’s only healthy to question the correctness of it all.

I feel like to continue writing MW5T  I should really have permission from the real person and we both know that’s not gonna happen. As the real MW5T, you would probably think I’m nutso cutlet.

Therefore, I have decided to stop. The affinity I feel for you is still there but, it’s just time.

All my letters from here on out will be just what they really have been, all along. Me, just talking to myself about my secret inner thoughts.

Unless of course the real MW5T wants to go ahead and give me permission to write him. Cause, I’d be totally down for that too.

If anyone wants to see the MW5T dialogs of the past, they can find it in chronological order in links.



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