I went online and checked out a bit of information about palmistry. Here’s what I gathered about my own palms from my “Mini” lesson.

Firstly: A photo of my palm. The guide says to use my dominate hand, so it’s my left hand.


The Air Hand
An air hand can also be square, but it is more likely rectangular in shape with long fingers and low-set thumbs. Although the length of the palm from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers is typically equal to the length of the fingers, like the earth hand, those lengths are generally longer overall, more like a rectangle. Air hands often have dry skin and knuckles that protrude.

Unlike earth hands, people with air hands are curious and intellectual, preferring to read and to learn through study. Many of these individuals are worriers who prefer to internalize their feelings and their anxiety. This can make them a bundle of nerves and can cause problems in close relationships despite their impressive communication skills.

The Heart Line
Sometimes also referred to as the love line, the heart line runs along the top of the palm just below the knuckles. You can read the heart line from the little finger to the index finger or in the reverse direction.

The heart line is believed to demonstrate your romantic perspectives, your cardiac health, and your innate emotional stability.

Most palmists look at this line to get a strong insight into your emotional side to understand how you have acted and how you will continue to act throughout your lifetime

  • A line that begins below your index finger shows that you’re content with your love life.
  • A long and curvy line shows that you freely express your thoughts and feelings.
    A line curving upward shows your verbal dexterity and your ability to speak about love and feelings.
  • A broken line indicates that you have undergone emotional trauma.
    Smaller lines crossing your heart line demonstrate further emotional trauma.


The Head Line
The head line is another of the most important lines you’ll find on a palm. It begins from the edge of the palm between the forefinger and the thumb, and it extends across the palm between the love line and the life line.

The head line is linked to a person’s beliefs, attitudes about life, critical thinking, and creativity. In addition, it affects the memory and the self-control of the person.

  • Practical individuals typically have a straight head line while more creative and spontaneous people feature a curved line.
  • A thin and deeply cut head line indicates intelligence and strong thinking skills, but there are many other possibilities of length and appearance for this line.
  • A line of medium length, meaning that it reaches your ring finger, is the most common and shows that you’re smart and have great potential.
  • A line separated clearly from the life line demonstrates your enthusiasm for life and adventure.
  • A circle or a cross in the line indicates some sort of emotional crisis affecting your thoughts.
  • A line that curves steeply downward indicates that you have a very strong imagination and artistic talent, but you’re easily influenced by your emotions.
  • If your head line is far apart from your life line, you’re bold, extroverted and highly independent.

The Life Line
The life line begins near the thumb and arcs toward the wrist. This line is responsible for showing the physical health and general well-being of a person, including potentially major life changes

Despite popular belief, this line has nothing to do with the length of a person’s life. However, the lengths and shapes of this line are very important to its meaning.
A line that is strongly curved demonstrates your exceptional energy.

  • A line that reaches near your wrist and that is cut deeply into your palm shows your vitality
  • A big, long curve in a semicircle shows your strength and enthusiasm for life.
    The Fate Line
    The final major palm line is the fate line; however, not everyone has one, so this may not be applicable to all of your palm readings.

For those who do have a fate line, it shows how much a person’s life is affected by circumstances beyond his or her control.

  • A deep line means that you’re strongly controlled by fate.

Taking the Fingers into Consideration

Of course, no detailed palm reading guide can be complete without a thorough look at the fingers attached to those palms.


A thick and solid thumb indicates a person who is very practical with money, who has very simple demands and who keeps his or her promises.

Index finger

A careful examination of the index finger indicates a person’s desire for power. (Since mine was medium it didn’t indicate anything. Her notes were for too long, or too short)

Middle finger

The middle finger is typically the longest of the four fingers, and the longer it is, the more a person will have a favorable life.

A curvy finger means that the person needs to control his or her emotions.

Ring finger

The ring finger is the home of the wedding band, and it represents love and family ties. A ring finger that leans into the middle finger demonstrates a person who is responsible to the family structure and who pays attention to the spouse and children.

Little finger

The little finger, also called the pinkie finger, is representative of children.

Successful people have long little fingers, indicating their strong work ability and social connections.

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