Ceres in the 9th house

Ceres in the 9th house is a house of philosophy. The native uses this house’s philosophy in a practical and useful manner. Higher education or learning is one of their pleasures. This native also might enjoy camping, hiking, and biking across the country.

This placement means that this native uses their knowledge and pursuit of learning as a means of nurturing themselves and others. They will be supporters of truth, travel, and freedom of expression.  They concern themselves highly with the truth of human needs. Wanting to know, “What do people really need to be happy?” They will endeavor to identify the core of what all people need most to be able to celebrate contentment. Once they think they have discovered these core needs, they will set about ensuring that everyone they know and meet is having these core needs offered to them. If they discover that someone or some-place is lacking these things, they will set about correcting what they see as a denial of rightful happiness.

These natives are, at their heart, truly focused on caring and nurturing others, but in a more proactive rather than purely emotional manner. They won’t just think about sharing happiness, they will concoct ways to actually offer it to people in tangible ways. Offering time and effort to overcoming what they see as a denied of personal rights.

These are the natives that will come up with an unconventional solution to a problem seen as unsolvable. They are the ones who will uncover and dismantle, dig out and sort, untangle and identify. They don’t just care, they set about finding answers to how that care can be used to change lives for the better.

They can be considered by others who misunderstand them, to be a bit preachy, but only at first, because of their “do-it” attitude, they generally win even these skeptics over simply through the example of their commitment to making changes.

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