Juno in Capricorn/9th house

This native longs for a committed relationship that accepts her for her true self that she keeps quite close and/or hidden from others.

Perhaps she was not accepted in younger years for her somewhat unique or unusual method of viewing the world but, this native longs to just be loved for her authentic self. An enduring partner who likes and accepts her for her slightly different viewpoints or creative manner of expressing herself is very important to her.

As Juno is the goddess of marriage, being Capricorn here leans towards a taking vows of marriage very seriously indeed. This is not a native who can be in a long-term relationship and not secretly want to get married. Mostly due to the Capricorny need to be socially acceptable and proper. This is not for herself, as much as, a kind of protective layer she seeks to place between others judgements and her loved ones.

This isn’t so much a native who looks for a mate of power and financial success (as one might initially believe of the sign of Capricorn) but more likely a need to be proud of their chosen mates accomplishments. This is a native who values hard work over flash and money. Due to Juno, it is a placement of strong ties and a need for enduring qualities like a respect for their chosen mate. If this native loses respect for their mate, it will be very very hard on their feeling of security and, for this native, security is definitely important. Not money…security. This native can weather any financial storm and not quibble for a second but, an eroding of her faith in her mates core values can devastate her.

This sign stands her ground. In Capricorn, Juno is strong and steady. More than any other sign, Juno in Capricorn demands respect. She will make up her own mind and exude her own authority throughout.

Her partner will need to understand that she can’t help but take a leadership role. It is her way of maintaining her balance.

Being in the 9th house, this native may very well marry a foreigner or someone of a different race or culture. Someone born far away or from a vastly different background.

This native will want to travel with her mate. She will very much enjoy a philosophical or spiritual partner who can keep up with her strong enjoyment of discussion and learning.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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