Neptune in the 7th house

(Okay, not gonna lie, this one makes me uncomfortable. Because it is both true for me, and it isn’t true for me. There are aspects of this placement that I think are nullified or completely negated by my Capricorn and Virgo nature. Generally I just post the notes as I found them, but, I feel I have worked through a lot of these listed issues. I think that’s probably a good thing, given the nature of the placement.)

This native experiences high ideals and high expectations in the area of partnership. She sees love as the grand expression of true romance. The object of the natives affections is royalty, regardless of her family or friends feelings on the relationship, even if the prince is really a toad.

If this native runs away from being honest about her love nature, she will be drawn to a reality check the effect of a sledgehammer. If this native is to truly maintain a love relationship, she must maintain an honesty with herself that borders on the brutal.

She is inclined in a relationship towards giving more than she receives. The term “rose-colored-glasses” was made just for her. She will be hurt  time and time again by her lovers, if she doesn’t accept that what she wants them to be, doesn’t translate to what they are in actuality.

She is drawn to relationships in which the other needs to be saved in some way. She may even ignore real evidence that there is something wrong and continue to defend the one she decided is perfect in every way for her, even if there is clear evidence that they are not properly cherishing her. For this native to find happiness she needs a sense of self-love that refuses, absolutely refuses, to be undervalued. If she doesn’t develop this sense, she will become the very essence of the word “Doormat” with regards to love.

It is vital that this native learn  interdependency, instead of codependency. If this native learns to impose boundaries on herself and her loved one, she will succeed in tearing off any self-delusions her need for love might impose. The path to this is, of course, learning to be highly independent and not giving up that independence once in a relationship with another.

This native needs to be particularly mindful of attracting a partner that martyrs themselves, or whom she attempts to martyr herself for. Loving boundaries means loving the partner and oneself, by maintaining personal rights and expectations. There should be active communication, honesty when admitting conflicts, and a realistic  look at the partners personal conflicts instead of glossing these traits over for an overall balance in the interplay of personality.

The best partner to be drawn to this native may be spiritually minded, artistic, musically inclined, or have some connection to drama or the stage. They might be sensitive minded or emotional. The other type drawn to this native type are those with shiftless and manipulative personalities. These individuals will focus their sympathies largely with themselves. They may be underprivileged in some way, neurotic, or an invalid suffering from chronic ill-health.

This native must be completely conscious of her ability to self-delude herself with regard to her love partner and stick to a strict honesty that will serve to keep her eyes open to the true person that she loves faults and all. In fact, if the native comes to join in partnership with one who is self-aware, she will be in the best possible position to be truly loved for her compassionate and giving nature.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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