North Node in 7th house

The traditional interpretation of North Node in the 7th house is that of good luck in both partnership and marriage. It also often shows up with those who suffer a troubled early life.

Early marriage or partnerships might have been uncomfortable or downright horrible for this native. A lifetime spent trying again and again, have forged an individual that is independent, unique, and strongly aware of who she is at her core.

She may be divorced or separated.

As reluctant as she may be to have another go at marriage or partnership, she is most likely to find an incredibly lasting and loving relationship in her later years. All that failure at love has taught her just what works and doesn’t work, when it comes to commitment to herself and another. The lesson for this native, in this lifetime, is to give her whole heart.

This house in North Node tends to appear when a soul has lived many incarnations as a loner. In this life, they are being lead to understand the work involved in a true love match, and the need to empathize and connect with someone on a deeper and more fulfilling level.

Some may misunderstand this natives reluctance to commit in this life. She’s use to fending for herself and allowing another in is a true test of strength and vulnerability. This native is having lessons in loving outside herself. Kindness, empathy, integrity and understanding others are big lessons for her in this lifetime.

Learning balance is extremely important in this placement.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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