Pallas in the 8th house/Capricorn

Intuition and psychic sensitivity that leads to expanded awareness, can cause this native lots of issues until they embrace consciously a need to unfold their Kundalini chakras and delve deeply into the shadows that need confrontation.

This is a position of intimate internal work and intense inner scrutiny. This person knows the power of transformation quite well. In fact, they are on a continuous journey of self-transformation throughout their lifetime.

They may have been forced to transform many times throughout their life. Sometimes by choice, but often by circumstances they couldn’t control. In fact, it is this work that gives them back that control, in the form of a stronger and more aware warrior spirit.

Pallas in the 9th represents strong psychic and oracular ability. These people also show great skill and dexterity in creativity and in business.

Many with this placement move into careers in healing. From traditional emotional therapists to the hands-on art of massage therapy. They also have a tendency to be their own boss in these areas.

Those with this house can see patterns and changes in money and healing. Therefore, they will be quite good handling both.

It should also be noted that these individuals also often excel in the art of healing others sexually. A blend of spiritual and sexual magic assists them in creating a very strong connection with their lovers that can be quite alluring and beneficial.

Pallas in Capricorn leads to a native who epitomizes structure and order. They believe in law and order and righting wrongs. They may be drawn to architecture, sculpture or another creative work that delves into the enduring form. They could be great at mending the body through chiropractic or osteopathic and dentistry arts. Deep tissue massage might appeal as a hobby or class.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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