Pluto in Libra

The Pluto in Libra person is impulsive. They might have benefited by taking a bit of time and thinking things over, but sadly, they are more likely going to learn this after the fact. (In the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, Pluto in Libra is, most definitely, the Hare!)

Going off on a tangent here for a moment:

In relation to TMW5T, I am brought to cheeky laughter as he would, most certainly, be the tortoise.

Being a bit impetuous might seem like a complete negative, but I’m pretty certain, that, had the story included more than a race, the negative sides to being a tortoise might come into play. Being impetuous has its positive, in that, these folks are ready to experience things. They are ready, ready, ready! The tortoise has his own issues with regard to deciding when to actually start (or take the leap off into the unknown). They live in their head and fret over the details to the point they might never leap at all! the end, a balance is needed between the two approaches. Had anyone ever asked the participants in the race, they might have been surprised to learn that both rather admired the other for the qualities they each lacked. In this way, they actually could balance each other very nicely.

Ok, tangent over.

Pluto in Libra are deeply invested in relationships. The problem is, they have a lot of them. Maintaining soo many interests, concerns, and important tasks can make them all the more rabbit-like. Paring down their lives can be a monumental task or request. All their interests are important to them! All their people matter. The problem is, there is only one of them, and an endless number of those things they care about. What’s a poor Pluto in Libra to do?

Pluto in Libra is extremely concerned and diligent about making sure all their relationships work. The things that matter to Pluto in Libra are very, very much to do with comfort, beauty, and serenity. These things transform them. They get this native out of bed in the morning.

They can be unconventional or traditional. They can be innovative or old-fashioned. They aren’t marked by any specific way of being, for this native, it’s all about just connecting to things on a personal level that transforms them from where they start, to something richer and more fulfilling that they are becoming.

Fairness and justice are important to this native. They seek harmony. Disharmony and discord make them incredibly unhappy and they will expend a lot of their energy attempting to making everyone around them feel seen and heard.

Fighting and anger around them can cause them actual pain, they cannot bear it. To this native, joy and serenity is of utmost importance for them to be at peace. A lack of this will leave this native feeling disconnected and emotionally numb.

Middle ground and compromise are this natives main focus. They will jump in and confront, soothe, and generally mediate their way straight through the path of unhappiness until they have calmed, controlled and set to rights, all that was in upheaval. If this cannot be managed the Pluto in Libra native will suffer greatly and likely become frozen in place unable to function.

Those incredible tortoise types, who love a Pluto in Libra individual, might do well assisting this lovable rabbit, by anticipating the hares trajectory and planning for the bumps that the hare hasn’t. In doing this, they are probably going to find the hare reciprocating by getting them involved in exciting action and forward participation . They might find themselves truly living the things they only just contemplated before.

The lovely balance here, comes into play, when the careful planning tortoise and the excited and enthusiastic hare join forces and emerge with a well-prepared and thoroughly explored adventure of a lifetime!

An example of this kind of dynamic can be found in my writing (Left with Livvy) in the chapter titled: The Importance of Being Snail

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