Saturn in the 1st house

With Saturn in the 1st house, most people can easily guess that this is a Capricorn.

Often saddled with responsibilities at a young age this native will be no stranger to struggling with adult issues. This can result in this person appearing to others like one that carries the weight of the world upon her shoulders.

Saturn on a chart is about overcoming obstacles, insecurities and limits. This is the planet of learning true grit.

Anyone who actually spends time with this native and speaks with her about serious topics will come to see her as an old soul. Her ambitious nature is crying out for a lightness of being. If found this native will exude an air of knowing something others cannot quite put their finger on.

The native of this placement longs for recognition, but fears being seen. This native will live with a crippling inhibition and fear of not being understood and wanting desperately to “just be herself”  which others seem to be able to do without problems, but which she seems to constantly be unable.

Through acts of great courage, this native grows more comfortable in her own skin. Accepting her own authentic self and learning that to be loved, she will first need to learn love of self.

If she is successful in this inner quest, she will find that others gravitate towards her for answers in their own quests for the same.

The way this native moves is interesting. It will be noted by others that she doesn’t stand, move, or keep positions of body, like anyone else. It is not so much an awkwardness as the movement of one that is not conscious of their outer body because they are continuously active on the inward. She won’t appear strange or inappropriate, so much as, oddly relaxed in posture because she isn’t consciously paying attention to what her body is doing whilst her mind is thinking.

She will fight actively for the right to just be, herself. Accepted for the traits and strangeness that is, for her, a thing she has been long denied.

Perhaps, in childhood, she was constantly corrected or told to be something different than that which she actually felt herself to be. There may have been struggle to be heard in a large household of differing personalities, or personal family issues that lead to an inappropriate amount of  responsibility at a young age.  If this is the case, she will have battled long throughout her life not only to accept that she is not the way many expect, but for the right be loved as this person.

If this native succeeds in finding the true essence of herself, she will, by her very joy in loving her unique self, cause others to also love these aspects of her.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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