Uranus in the 6th house

Uranus is not comfortable in this house. It constantly yearns to break free from this house and what it considers petty concerns. The result is that this native puts things of this house off in an effort not to deal with them, of course this backfires, resulting in issues of work and temper. Basically, the native realizes they have to do something they didn’t want to do in the first place, and sulks like a little temper tantrum of childishness until the work is finally completed.

Also, this native will need to deal with other people rather than work alone, and thus, will conflict with people because she puts off integrating herself with those she doesn’t like or find helpful. With those she works well with, this will not be an issue. The issue lies in learning how to interact with those she doesn’t like or doesn’t mesh with on a personal level. Over time she will become an expert at ignoring the fact that she conflicts with another person, until that person gets directly into her way…then, the native will be forced to deal with them. If this happens often enough, it will not feel pleasant,  but will generally be beneficial to her personal growth, in the long run. As this native ages, she will become more and more comfortable coping with this conflict. During the learning years, however, this will be a real thorn in her side.

The strength of this irritating position, is that simply by being forced over and over again to deal with this issue, the native learns novel approaches to work and efficiency. A strange and intriguing happening, considering it it comes from an avoidance of unpleasant conflict of personality in the workplace.

The one big red flag of this placement is that of illness bought on by inner stress in the workplace. If this native truly is unhappy with her surroundings, she will absolutely need to find another more comfortable workplace, as her body will create pain and illness as a result of her deep inner unhappiness on a personality level.

This, thankfully, will happen quite rarely, as the native will gain workarounds and coping mechanisms for her issues with others, as well as, learning conflict resolutions that teach her tolerance. As she ages these issues will become less prevalent as she will learn what works for her and how to best deal with these issues rather than the avoidance that would have been her method growing up.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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