Vertex in the 6th house

The Vertex in 6th house is an area of obstacles and involuntary challenges the native has no actual control over. Generally, people fall into one of four houses. The 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th. There are others, but they tend to be extremely rare.

I apparently fall into the 6th house.

The Vertex in 6th house native is a worker type. This house is ruled by Virgo. This person will feel drawn to service to others. Will generally fill their time with ways to instruct or guide others toward truths they have learned or experienced. They seek out experiences and circumstances that teach them things that are useful in their area of interest. If they are not working in a caring career, they will fill their time, at work, carefully assisting their co-workers in some manner. The 6th house’s Anti-vertex is the 12th house. 12th house is the house of the mind and therefore, this native will have a strong almost psychic, intuition. They are very attuned to the vibes around them. This is the type of person who can guage the way a person will react or behave simply by looking at them.

When a snap decision is called for this native always goes with their feelings rather than logic or reasoning. They don’t know how they know what they know, but they are rarely wrong. The strongest need in this person’s life is that of balance and meditation. This is needed because they do not always understand their own actions as this is ruled by their subconscious. Meditation helps them contemplate the layers of their feelings and identify what is going on inside them.

Many believe that the Vetex is a point on a chart that is only truly important when another chart interacts with it. A chance encounter or pivotal change in view that sets the native off on a new course or changes their understanding of their world. If a person does a Synastry chart with another and the Vertex is affected there will be some surprising occurrences that change both natives forever.

The belief is that this person has some unfinished business in their growth that can only be accomplished by a vital interaction with another. It generally has to do with love or relationships and the meeting or connection will come from the house the Vertex falls into.

Sixth house in astrology also relates to obstacles, debts, difficulties, and enemies, the ability to overcome these and win over the opposition.

I believe this means that if I have an interaction with someone’s Vertex it will be to teach me something in an area of my life that is an obstacle or difficulty they are meant to assist me with. My obstacles could be anything from learning to be successful in my work to teaching me to overcome obstacles to love and trusting in others with my true feelings, which, admittedly I guard like a mother bear.

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