This or That list

I’ve been ordered to do this challenge soo…here goes.

This or That list:

Chocolate or Caramel: Chocolate

Up or Down: Up

Black or White: Black

In or Out: Out

Blue or Red: Blue.

Bunny or Chick: Bunny

Dog or Cat: Dog

Soft or Silky: Soft.

Blues or Jazz: (Hard one) Blues

Pizza or Pasta: Pizza

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream: Chocolate

Doctor Who or Doctor Strange: Doctor Who

Creamy or Crunchy: Creamy

Rock or Country: Rock

Saxiphone or Guitar: Sax

Jolly Rancher or Lifesaver: Jolly Rancher

Roses or Violets: Violets

Daisy or Sunflower: Daisy

It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story: It’s a Wonderful Life.

Rudolph or Frosty: Rudolph

Snowflakes or Icicles: Snowflakes

Christmas Cookies or Candy Canes: Candy Canes

Hearts or Flowers: Hearts

Money or Art: Art

Books or Video Games: Books

Pen or Pencil: Pen

Singing or dancing: Singing

Vinyl or CD: Vinyl

Film or Digital: Film

Hockey or Football: Hockey

Sweet or Sour: Sweet

Salty or Savory: Savory

Pineapple or Apple: Pineapple

Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin

Snake or Spider: Snake

Mouse or Rat: Mouse

Giraffe or Lion: Giraffe

City or Country: City

Seaside or Countryside: Seaside

Sandcastle or Surfboard: Sandcastle

Mr Darcy or McDreamy: Mr Darcy

Fight or Flee: Fight

Pout or cry: Cry

Bite or Snarl: Bite

Big or Little: Little

Summer or Winter: Summer

Spring or Fall: Fall

Cherry or Banana Popcicle: Cherry

Broccoli or Cauliflower: Cauliflower

PostCard or Bookmark: Bookmark

Abraham Delacey or Guiseppe Casey: Abraham Delacey

Mexican or Chinese Food: Mexican

Yellow or Orange: Yellow

Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset

Early rise or Late Night: Late Night

Cabin or Cabana: Cabin

Cocktail or Mocktail: Mocktail


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