Purposeful Incompetence

What is purposeful incompetence you ask? It’s when someone purposely does some task badly so that they are never asked to do that thing again.

I have been surrounded by (mostly men) people doing this my ENTIRE life.

Take 2 teenagers, for example, one is a girl, the others a boy. They are both forced by mom to do the dishes. Boy does them badly on purpose. The girl, usually won’t. Why?  Because, if she does she will be corrected much more harshly by her parents for the transgression. Girls are raised from a tender young age that it is their “duty” as women, to do these tasks and they will be taught this lesson over and over again.

This is what people mean when they say “boys will be boys” it’s not just a weird saying..it’s an entire mentality.

Men grow up with this taught mentality and use it in their marriages. This taught belief that house chores are a “woman’s” responsibility.

Don’t believe me? I give you exhibit A:


This was posted to Facebook. This is why I teasure men who were taught to do chores. That they aren’t entitled. That if they live somewhere, they are part of the household, and thus, expected to clean.

This guy (points up) probably thinks he’s just being funny. The truth is, he’s being a bad husband and setting a disgustingly patriarchal view on gender roles.

Like I said, men who clean are far sexier to me than a good smile and nice hair. Give me a man who does the dishes and I will show you a man who thinks about women as people.

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