Country Door

I have been perusing this catalog Shay had sent. I don’t care for the overly kitchy decor items (seriously overdoing it with the country checkerboard-pattern people!) but, Damn! The furniture is totally seductive (excluding the weird ass weather-vane stuff that’s just dangerous to a klutz like me)

I did like a few decor pieces, I’ll admit. The wood or glass pieces suited me quite well. I draw the line at tin-metal pieces and farm animals though.

I calculated it out. If I bought the stuff I like it would calculate to be about $5000. Still, not bad for the amount of goods.

Apparently the style I’m drawn to is called “Transitional”

Our transitional style home décor brings you the best of both worlds

If you can’t seem to choose between traditional and contemporary home décor and furniture, then our transitional home decorating collection may be just what you’ve been looking for. This unique collection brings together the best of yesterday and today in a pleasing, can’t-go-wrong style. Find simple yet sophisticated furniture, from cabinets to couches and loveseats. Explore sumptuous but understated bedding and rugs, featuring fine materials and pleasing textures. Browse striking but uncluttered wall art and accents in a range of timeless themes, for every room in your home and the spaces in between.



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