11th house in Cancer

This is a native who views their entire family as friends. This placement is unusual as 11th house usually frees from emotional ties but, somehow, with this placement we see otherwise. This native has intense connections with those they become social with. They are empathetic, intense, and warm in their interactions with others but, even more so, with those they choose to spend their time with.

This native has a calm, serene inner peace that frees them in this house.

Where others feel constricted by emotional responsibility, this native feels ever more secure.  It would seem that this native sees responsibility as freedom. This may be a child who was not given enough attention growing up and finds in responsibility the reassurance that they are seen and integral to the unit.

This native could do with a bit of extra reassurance of their importance to their loved ones. Rather than the things they do..they need to know it is the person that they are that matters most. They could do with some extra snuggling and quiet pampering that teaches them they are deeply valued just for existing.

(TMW5T can snuggle me any ol’ time! I like him very much as himself. I am very thankful he was born)

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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