Lilith in Sagittarius

Lilith in Sagittarius

The only true issue in this Lilith in Sagittarius is the blocks to pleasure. Basically, this guy, he thinks too much. If he approached it like an adventure or journey it would go much more smoothly, but our guy? he’s a worrier. He picks and picks. He considers and considers it. He thinks and then he thinks some more. In fact, by the time this guy makes a decision he might have just cheated himself out of a beautiful experience all because he acted too late and the opportunity has gotten well and truly lost.

This guy is funny, in that, he will overthink most of the time, until..he goes abroad and runs into someone absolutely irresistible. Now, one would think this is this guy’s chance to be adventurous and somewhat daring, his opposite self. The problem is that from being his normal nit-picky self and thinking too much, going in the opposite direction and acting too suddenly, makes this guy go a wee bit out of his comfort zone. The problem then comes when his all too sensible worrywart meets the results of his impulsive action. It’s not his impulsive actions that are the problem,’s his reaction to what has happened afterward.

See, what happens is this. He loses himself in a moment of impulsivity. A woman he meets makes him act outside his norm and because he is abroad he will seem dashing and interesting to the woman. Only to find him later totally despising her. Despising her because he tripped into something he hasn’t scrutinized, that he hasn’t investigated. That he is definitely not ready to accept responsibility for. Instead, he blames the woman for hypnotizing him and making him lose himself. He will put out an air of not wanting any more contact with her and he will inwardly chastise himself for being so very very foolish. He loses himself in a woman, but then quickly hates himself for doing so.

He has this heartache that he nurtures and will not admit to nurturing. He draws from this pain and uses it to keep others at arm’s length. The problem with this is, of course, that he will grow more and more desperately unhappy and these abroad connections will happen more and more often because abroad he is less careful until he gets himself into a “situation” either a baby, or a married woman, or lots of people finding out.

Often this person was a modest child. Left alone in youth much too often. He’s a romantic with a love of beauty and unique memories. He doesn’t just want memories, he wants experiences. Which is actually quite lovely, if he didn’t use this ideal to actually push others away.

The reason is, of course, Lilith. She moves people. She makes them wake up and notice things, she makes them impetuous and impulsive. Reckless and daring. These interactions create an experience and possibly more and more wounds as the native learns he cannot attain the woman he dreams of. He looks for her in every face. She doesn’t exist really. He does this, he thinks, because he wants an amazing love story but, really this ideal is his way of being safe from heartbreak since he will never ever find this woman, he will never be vulnerable. He can never be seen, truly seen, and this gives him a shield from harm. Of course, if he ever does find a woman that sees him, truly sees will soo frighten him he will immediately go into his default mode of considering her every facet and angle. He will, as I have mentioned, hesitate again and again, and never actually take that leap of faith. To do so would take acceptance that he, himself, might get hurt.

What Lilith is challenging within him, is a test. A test of his faith. A test of letting his heart and not his head lead the parade.

The first clue he will have that the time for a leap of faith is occurring is that he will be very very frightened of his own reaction to this person. The person he has encountered will not only challenge him, but she will also see into him. She will call him out, reveal his secrets, ferret out his hidden scars and look him dead in his face and challenge him to heal. He will be drawn to her and at the same time repelled. He will return, again and again doing his usual investigating methods. Wanting to only use his head. His heart is what he needs, but that is too far! How dare she make him feel!

He will visit her social media, study her photograph, investigate her likes and interests. He will do everything but contact her and actually initiate a dialog. If he already interacts with her in some way, either socially or in business, he will not show his interest in any way she might detect. In fact, he will appear to not consider her all that important. He might even confuse her. She will wonder why he is soo cold or distant around her. Yet, he will always appear when she is present. He will always notice things she does or says. He will know everything but show nothing.

This guy. He will be confounded and confused. He will become totally and completely obsessed with her. He will look for reasons not to like her, not to want her. Any reason…so long as his heart doesn’t have to suffer. He will lose her. He will wait too long, pause too much, and she unaware he was even interested will move on and find someone else. Poor idiot.

The answer is in compromise. He can do all the things that make him feel secure. DO all the things that make him certain. Do everything he can to ensure this is it. Then, it will be time to put those explorations aside and leap. Leap and trust. If he has done a good job learning her, (and let’s be brutally honest, he probably knows her better than her own family members by now) he has found someone worth the leap. If he can just step onto the ledge and set the crutch of his past hurts aside, he can find himself falling into a truly committed love.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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