4th house in Sagittarius

Ok. This is a placement of not easily feeling at home in their childhood country. This person tends to live their life abroad due to growing up feeling that their “natural home” country just didn’t have what they needed to be happiest.

With 4th house here, this native will travel and learn abroad quite frequently. There is a sort-of need to find a place that matches their internal life philosophy.

With so many cultures in his background it’s only logical to assume that TMW5T would travel to learn about all parts of himself.

(I myself, am looking forward to going to Ireland and learning all about Ramelton, Donegal one day.)

This is a great house for those inclined to learning new cultures and ways of living. The only concern is that this native will need to eventually discover the true joy of setting down roots. If he doesn’t he will forever feel like he has no true place where he belongs.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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