8th house in Aries

Umm..ok MW5T, buckle up for this one…truth time.

With 8th house in Aries you are constantly going to be challenged by your reaction to conflict and anger. Mars here isn’t very well positioned which means, basically, that you waste energy on pissy annoyances best left alone. You get annoyed and can’t let it go. The need to vent is very strong but do you? Nope. You hold that junk in and it eats away at you.

My advice? Vent. Share that shit with someone you trust..even if all you say is “I am really annoyed and want to scream!” Believe me I understand…(if you know me you know that I have venting down to a really good science)

Change here comes naturally and easily but it does carry some fretting and fire, but nothing out of control.

This is most often the placement found with those who have a Virgo Ascendent (that’s you buddy!) and means that they overthink things and shove their instincts and gut feelings aside. (Guilty!!!!) and focus only on what appears logical or intellectual. Spirituality and trust in ones intuition is lacking.

The most damaging thing this native can do is approach things on a purely reasonable instead of instinctive level.

Some of life’s most amazing gifts will come to him when he just trusts his heart and does what seems irrational. Some things the heart knows but the mind cannot understand. Just because it seems crazy, doesn’t mean it’s not right.





Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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