Ascendent Square Midheaven

This native needs to reflect on this truth. They have focused on their career to the detriment of their personal life. There exists an imbalance that must, at some point, for their happiness and health, be addressed.

This native is fine whilst actively working, however, in moments when he is finally home, he will be at a loss as to what to do with himself. At first, he will just immerse himself more deeply into his work (taking work home with him) but, eventually a sense of dread and sadness will overtake him. The needs of his heart will eventually refuse to be silenced. He will be overcome by his own starvation of the heart. He will need to stop. He will need to stop. He will need to finally fucking stop…and listen what his soul is crying out for.

If he does not he will no longer know who he is, when he is not working. His work will suffer because even work needs a heart.

He must come to understand that his career is “What he does” not “Who he is”.

The definition of who he is will begin once he embraces the need to find people who see him, truly see him, past his carefully crafted exterior masks, and straight into his heart. This then is family. The family he didn’t even realise he has always been looking for.

On a personal note*

TMW5T is on this path. I have known that he was from the start of this endeavour. I began this project as a means of helping him along that path, because I love him. I love this beautifully flawed and hopeful man who has much healing to do.

He is, and always has been, family to me.

My favorite person.

It has been a pleasure.



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