Charts with many Chiron/Pluto Aspects

Ok, this one is kinda interesting. Any native with many aspects to Chiron is already quite challenged, if you add in just as many aspects to Pluto, this native is an extremely special breed. They deserve much respect and compassion for the path they are walking. They have been through, and are possibly still going through, quite a lot.

Pluto basically makes dealing with Chiron even harder. They are marked by Chiron, which is to say, this soul was born to become a healer by experiencing suffering. Pluto is a planet of transformation, death and regeneration.

(If you have these aspects in your chart you might not believe in this next bit, but keep an open mind. It might actually help you with this healing path.)

Now, if this is you, you might be a bit pissed about this but, this is very likely what your spirit chose before birth, so I will just say that I admire and respect you deeply. This is not an easy path to choose. Souls who opt for this difficult life path greatly love humanity. Jesus, was just one such soul. 

With Pluto, there is a desire to delve into the dark sides of ourselves. This makes the native distrust the lighter impulses of his soul. The inner knowing that guides him is looked at with not only distrust, but a challenging refusal.

The native contemplates his more base compulsions and thus, thinks he has a handle on them. The problem is, he only sees his own darkness, this makes him blind to the agendas of others. He doesn’t trust his own instincts, assuming it is his own dark thoughts shading in his perceptions, but, the truth is, if you think you are the problem, you don’t question if that other person might actually be acting shady.

The ability to sense the darkness in people is somewhat overridden by the fear of having darkness of their own. Not trusting their own instincts and gut feelings, these natives are a bit gullible when it comes to people they care about.

In simpler terms, it means that the native always takes the bad behaviour of others and assumes it was his personal lack that is the problem. That somehow he is bad at loving and that the other person isn’t at fault. This guy, he needs to know who he can trust. He also needs to realize that that someone, is himself.

If he doesn’t learn to listen to his spirit guides or “intuition” telling him something is off, he will suffer again and again as the aspects of his soul attempt to get him into proper spiritual balance.

The worst point in this healing path, will be when the native stops trusting ANYONE out of fear of being hurt again.

He obsesses about the very things that hurt him. Greed, envy, jealousy. These things can become poisonous thoughts and they poison his heart with darkness. By looking for these emotions everywhere, as a means of attempting to protect himself, he pushes the light away from himself even more.

In relationships, he finds that he either dominates or is dominated. He doesn’t know he’s out of balance, he’s just soo scared of being hurt.

The problem is, of course, that by giving in to fear of being hurt, this guy locks into the superficial. He doesn’t go deep, he doesn’t let himself love or trust. He comes to think of love as something to be on guard against.

He unconsciously begins to reject things that seem “much too good to be true”

He thinks to himself “They couldn’t possibly like me really” or “She’s just saying that to get me to do what she wants” 

These doubts plague him and produce nothing but what he is most afraid of. Because he looks for it, it finds him.

If this isn’t addressed, the native will end up in a cycle of addiction and grieving that can only be stopped by the native, as they are the one actually creating their own situation. The very image of the 8 of Swords.

The cycle looks like this. They work tirelessly and are under constant pressure. They don’t actually know how function without that pressure after a while. They jump headfirst into their demons determined to exorcise them all alone. This ends up making things worse because darkness can only find more darkness. Only light can find more light.

What does this guy need to do? How does he heal then?

He confronts his fear of dying and how it affects his life. Having a private ritual that allows for his grief to be expressed will assist this. Going to a grief counselor and speaking about how loss and pain has affected him. Breaking the generational cycle and patterns that keep him feeling less than whole.

Addressing addictions and becoming a mentor to others who are also working to overcome painful issues. Confronting habits of negative thinking and behaviours that deconstruct the foundations he is building.

Letting the bad come out. By crying and releasing what hasn’t been expressed. By talking out loud about the things kept inside. By thinking about the ways in which we sabotage our recovery from dark moments and recognizing how we trigger ourselves into those habits.

Those with strong Chiron aspects, as TMW5T has, generally came into this incarnation with wounds already present within them. They are incredibly sensitive and emotional. They have these wounds because, in some way, the wisdom and compassion they will gain once they overcome these wounds is greatly needed in the world. Spiritually many believe we choose to be born with these wounds purposely. That before we are born we select these shadows because we want to assist others in this lifetime. That by forcing ourselves to heal in this incarnation, we embrace this for the greater good of humanity itself. Small consolation, certainly, but I have been in the darkness and understand it now. To help others, healers are quite prepared to operate on ourselves first.




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