Chiron Oppose Ascendent

Chiron ascendent people need to balance the need to grow inwardly, with the need to grow through interaction with others.

They learn quite a lot from personal interaction, but must not forget to take that lesson and apply it to their personal journey of the self, as well. It’s all well and good to assist others, but your inner illumination and transformations will give you heaps more to work with.

Expanding yourself by examining your own soul can only be beneficial to the task of expanding others awareness. Share what you are learning about yourself, but also use what you are receiving from others to expand your own inner understanding.

Chiron 7th house is kinda funny. They are soo good at teaching and loving others, that they generally end up with the student exceeding the master. Everyone they assist goes on to become even larger and more successful as a result of the natives lessons. Even when the natives own life is a complete mess, they somehow manage to impart lessons that assist others. Quite often their “pupils” end up being better at something they can’t even do too well at themselves! Purely as a result of the natives active care and concern. The warmth the native generates makes others determined to succeed, if for no other reason, than that they don’t want to let the native down.

Chiron Pisces:

This native really needs to stop feeling constantly guilty about things that they have no control over. They also need to stop trying to save everyone!

This native can get stuck in a cycle of either being the victim or saving the victim. Showing concern is NOT the same as letting others use you because you feel a sense of guilt you didn’t truly earn. This native might feel guilty for succeeding where someone else doesn’t., or having whilst others have not. They must remember that they are not responsible for others happiness, therefore, they are not responsible for making sure others find some! Especially not at the expense of their own!


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