Chiron Trine Neptune

This person wishes they could be other people. They, for whatever reason, feel more comfortable in fantasy than in reality. Perhaps they don’t think the real them is as interesting as the masks they have created for themselves. Perhaps they believe only the image is valuable to others. At the heart of this aspect, is a person who fears very much being truly seen. They are at their core, somewhat convinced that they are not truly as interesting as the roles they play in fantasies.

This aspect leads to sensitivity to others who suffer in some way. This native is quite adept at placing themselves in the shoes of others. This is a valuable thing for empathy and kindness,  but it also happens to be a part of their shadow self.

They fear, with their entire being, that they won’t be loved as themselves. It is the wound that causes them much suffering, as the soul needs acceptance, but is soo terrified it won’t find it, that they keep playing a role of who they think they need to be, The only solution to this wound, is the thing they fear most. Letting someone love them in their most vulnerable skin.

This one worries me. With TMW5T being as known as he is, this wound will consume him if he doesn’t stop the cycle. He will fear soo greatly, and the fact that he lives in his head soo much, will cause great crippling anxiety anytime he moves to address this shadow. I wish I could reassure him. If anything, I am in a great position to tell him that he is enough and always has been. After all, his chart reveals even his shadows. And still I like him more for these very things he sees as faults. The problem is, of course, that only himself accepting and loving himself, will heal him. Others cannot validate him, until he finds the love and acceptance he needs within him.

This wound could lead to an endless cycle of victim/ savior behaviors. Wanting to be saved, wanting to be savior. These are, of course, still roles he is using as masks.

The best way to start the process of healing is in small brave steps toward fixing this issue.

The need to lose himself and his identity is often helped by the roles he plays, but he also needs to  lose the role or mask he wears as himself, “The star” and find the safest means to let go of his imposed definitions. A way to lose his identity altogether and learn he is loved and appreciated without the ego aspects coming along to make him doubt the sincerity of their friendship.

He might consider starting a friendship with another as a pen pal in which the other person knowingly accepts that no identities are to be revealed or playing an online game where he is known under a screen-name and avatar, or even just begin commenting to blogs and communities online.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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