Descendant in Pisces

Ok. Here’s the scoop.

Descendent in Pisces is deep. They love deeply.

The problem is..they either pick well and choose a highly compassionate and spiritual lover, or badly and pick a deeply needy and self-destructive lover.

What happens is this, they think they are picking one and end up with the other. Whoops!!

This guy loves the idea of a soulmate. That’s what he wants. Period. He’s compassionate and loves to be needed, which is where the self-destructive lovers come in. Deceitful people can totally fool this guy because he doesn’t always trust his intuitive or spiritual side.  He’s soo deeply wanting to merge with his chosen person that he might project qualities they don’t actually possess onto them.

How can he overcome this problem? He needs to contemplate the way this person treats people that are not him. The way this person is seen and responded to by others. Are they nice to everyone or only nice to him? Are they seen by others the way they describe themselves to him? What do people say about her? How is she received? Does she have people who have known her a long time? Or just a few friends who only know her on a surface level? Do people seem to be happier when she approaches? Does she stand by her word? Does she admit she’s working on herself? Does she have healthy or unhealthy habits?

The truest and best gauge of a person is how they treat those who can do nothing for them.

This placement is very hard on precise and careful Virgo, because it is the opposite of everything Virgo is. It’s messy and not logical. It doesn’t have structure. It doesn’t follow rules. It will probably drive this poor Virgo nuts!!

The thing is, he secretly wants to love what he isn’t. He wants to understand this messy, chaotic and deeply confusing part of himself and therefore, he’s drawn to the very type of woman he might be afraid of most.

He likes her deep and expressive thoughts. Her way with words. Her ability to say something completely unrehearsed and unplanned and still manage to say something in a way nobody else has in just that same way. He is dazzled by her, befuddled by her, completely and utterly entranced by her because she is, for the most part, doing everything in a way that he not only wouldn’t have but sometimes couldn’t have expressed before.

The thing he needs most is to know that her core must match his. She can be everything different from him in her self expression, her flair and her thought..but, at her core he needs to to truly connect with the things that he believes in. Things that spell security to him, are the grit and the steel. The commitment and the self-will. He needs one who knows how to fight when the chips are down. At her core she must be terribly terribly good at healing herself and others. Her core must be strong. Without that she’s never going to last.




Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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