Jupiter Square Saturn

With a Square aspect, this native has a challenge to overcome. That of a child-hood lack of self- esteem.

Growing up, this individual was held back, in many ways, by a sense of responsibility to other people. This causes a feeling of having a rather large weight on their shoulders.

Their natural creativity might possibly have been tempered by criticism and restriction, and that criticism, though possibly well-meaning, resulted in the native feeling an overwhelming sense of being a failure. The self-esteem was damaged by a lack of encouragement and support for their budding enthusiasm.

Though, the self-esteem was affected, these set-backs managed to force that individual into a mode of determination to prove everyone wrong. They, through their own remarkable will, will have with blood, sweat, and tears, forged past the limitations unknowingly imposed upon them.

In the end, this native becomes much more than they possibly might have, simply because their Saturn contributed to a refusal to give up even whilst terrified of failing.

Now, the lesson is obvious. The self-esteem was damaged because this individual still longs for that acceptance from others, and fails to recognize that their stubborn refusal to give up, is extremely beneficial and proof…absolute irrefutable proof, that the ones who denied support were wrong about them. They did. They were. They became.

What needs realization is the fact that they already have the firm support they need within themselves. They don’t need approval anymore. What they need, is healing from the remaining sense of rejection they felt and still carry inside their memory of that time.

The important thing with this aspect, is to recognise that the childhood memories have wounded the psyche but need not continue to do so. This native would be very surprised to learn that many, many actors and celebrities have this aspect in common.

It is somewhat proof, in a small way, that though self-esteem might have suffered blows as the personality emerged from childhood, it definitely could not contain the determined creative soul they had residing within them.

This individual will receive recognition and success as a result of these obstacles in his path. He will have become who he as a direct result of these painful blockages. By overcoming them, he grew stronger, more determined, and much more resourceful.

This native will become one who strives to make a difference in their world. This determined conviction will be met with both criticism and praise from others. He is now equipped to deal with them.

What makes this native shine, also makes them a target. The words can hurt, but they also forge a spine into steel. Something to be proud of indeed.

Jupiter fights with Saturn for domination. Egotism must be balanced with self-esteem. Extravagance  must be balanced with self-discipline. Hope must be balanced with pessimism.

For this individual, it becomes very important to maintain balance in their life. This is how they will heal these blockages.

The answer to balancing the Saturn responsibility and self-discipline with Jupiter’s need for creativity and spirituality, lies in knowing when a break is needed. An allowance must be made frequently for much-needed laughter and spontaneous expression of inner feeling.

If done right, a sense of contentment will become evident. The native will suddenly find himself aware of when his balance is shifting too much to one side or the other, and will automatically make adjustments to accommodate the need to rebalance himself.

It becomes important then, for this individual to also balance their own sense of failure with a sense of equal accomplishment. For each memory of failure, this native needs to also recall a memory of accomplishment. In this habit they learn to balance themselves between self-criticism and egotism. If done correctly, the sense of contentment they find in their work can also be applied to their personal life. Through this too there emerges balance between the working self-esteem and the more challenging personal self-esteem they might have more difficulty with.



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